Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We Traded in our Classic!

Our house is an old house...not vintage or full of old charm but it was built in 1989. Luckily the kitchen is large, we have a spacious great room/open concept living and a generous master with walk in closet. When we moved in - everything was original. Original carpet, paint on the walls, appliances (except I believe the washer/dryer are from the 90's). Slowly but surely we are doing what we can to update. (more on that later)

We traded in our classic range (circa 1988 as per the owners manual) for a new stainless steel range for our anniversary!! Well our anniversary is still a few weeks away...but early presents are always welcome!! Sorry can't find pics of the oldie, but here is the newbie!
We didn't just get a new range because we wanted one, but since it was old it was starting to have some issues. Our favorite burner when turned on was a constant HIGH no matter what setting it was on. Then I had the unfortunate event of forgetting I had our enamel coated tea kettle on the stove while out in the yard (talking with the neighbor - so I will blame him!), and melted it to another burner. I figured that it made more sense to buy a WHOLE NEW RANGE than to get a new burner.

So here we are. Two appliances down (we got a new dishwasher last year for our anniversary - stainless steel) and two to go - the fridge and microwave but right now I would like to say that we are in no hurry.

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