Sunday, October 9, 2011

Faded Elegance - Store Tour

Today was a great day! I was able to go to one of my most favorite places to shop. Snohomish Washington in Snohomish County. It is the cutest little town, full of GREAT antique stores, consignment shops, and home decor boutiques. I love it. Usually I frequent this town with my MIL, Deanna, but she was unavailable today. So my dear husband offered to go with me. He is such a trooper - he said he would come only if we could stop and eat at the Snohomish Bakery for lunch. I said "Of Course"!

I would like to take you all on a tour of one of my fave shops in Snohomish Faded Elegance. Deanna and I found it a few years ago on our first trip - it instantly became one of the stores we HAVE to stop in every time we come. SO here we go!

I love the store front. The windows are always so intriguing, expertly and perfectly displayed. Just look at those planters, so seasonal with the kale accenting the trees. Plus I adore the actual planters.

I love that bench! So chic to have on your entry porch or in your garden.

Don't you love that crown on top of the door. And that chair! It is always so inviting to walk into this store. I love the tea cart filled with vintage liqueur decanters.

This fabulous store is a mix of things old and new. If you go upstairs you can visit the consignment section of the store. I fell in love with this table its so rustic. And the glasses were so thick and heavy - very well made.

I cannot get enough of all the horse paraphernalia that I am seeing all over the place. I have seen a number of these breast collars for driving harnesses and a great idea is to have a mirror cut to fit inside the hole where the horse's neck is supposed to be. That is on my list of things to get, I can see it now in my entry way...
I thought this lamp was so ingenious. A great use of old silverware in a new way.

On the Main floor, where you enter, is the boutique part of the shop. I had the chance to chat with Kimberly a little during this visit. She gets to go all over searching and looking for things abroad to put in her shop. I thought this pumpkin was so cute. I was paper mache with a paisley print. So colorful. I might have to pick this up next time I'm there if its still available.

I thought this picture was perfect in black and white. I am in the process of "building a bar" in my home and these decanters are beautiful. I love how they are all lined up and their irregularity in shape. And the french flower box. And they're on a wine rack.

Those chairs are to die for, I love the fabric on the cushion. And all that bar ware is gorgeous. I love the rustic look of the box below. I have learned here at Faded Elegance, through the styling, that white is NOT boring at all. It allows for so much layering and texture. It adds to decor.

Bird cages are not just for birds. Here is an example of a great new way to display those trophy antlers, if on the wall is not your kind of thing. I also really like how you can make a statement with the color of your birdcage. (which reminds me, on our first visit, Deanna got the most amazing large birdcage from here - for a STEAL!)

I know that Halloween hasn't even arrived yet, but those retailers really like to remind us how quickly the year goes with their jump on the holidays but can you believe this tree? I love how Kimberly decorated with garden chinese lanterns. Makes me excited for Christmas to come...but I can wait to first have Halloween and then Thanksgiving.

I have purchased several items for my home in this store and I love them more each time I look at them. My lamps and side tables in my living room were found here. A great glass canister that I use for storing cotton balls in is in my bathroom. And my collection of snack plates, of which Kimberly informed me that the divot in the corner was most likely a holding place for cigarettes, how cool! I mean I am not a smoker nor do I encourage it but it really tells you the times doesn't it?

Well I hope you enjoyed my third Store Tour. Please make sure to support Kimberly at Faded Elegance and stop in and maybe buy something next time you're swinging through Snohomish. Or make a day trip of it!


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