Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ruffles and Rust Square - Store Tour

As I mentioned in my last post, I went to Snohomish on a shopping trip. This store is a new discovery for us. Two visits ago, Deanna and I found this great store Ruffles and Rust Square, we were shocked that we had not been to it before...was it possible that we were missing out all these other times we visited. Luckily that was not true. They had just recently opened their shop. PHEW what a relief!
Their storefront is so enticing and goes with the Historic Downtown Snohomish feel. The store has a variety of vendors that supply breathtaking merchandise that is so tastefully cannot help but swoon!
I love this vendor in the window. They have a European flair mostly concentrating on Paris/French antiques.
I adore the idea of stacking two tables on top of each other to create an eye-catching display. Notice that white clock on the right side, and the terrarium on the left? Unfortunately I did not get a good picture of the chandelier but you can just see it at the top.

The two above pictures are from a vendor that has a lot of "garden" type of paraphernalia. I love how they added the shelves above the windows to maximize their display space. It kind of reminds me of the old picture or plate rails in older homes.

This idea of turning an old discarded book into a pumpkin could not be denied a picture and adding the crow gives it the perfect "Spook" factor.
You can never go wrong with an old typewriter and anything that has a number on it automatically draws my eye in.
I thought this dress form was adorable and could not pass it up. What a great new way to utilize a map? It is the most adorable skirt I have seen. Not to mention the pumpkin terrine on the right.
These were GIGANTIC scrabble letters on a re-purposed piece of molding. What a great idea...I may have to do something similar, its a great take on my blocks!

Turtle shells. Really cool, but kinda spooky and gross at the same time.

An old Railroad light. It took everything in me to leave it for another patron...maybe you. Notice the rare Bunny terrine, I am regretting leaving that one behind.

Anything pumpkin is good with me when it comes to fall decoration. And the giant glass orb. WOW.

I debated keeping this picture in color or to put it in Black and White, but I wanted you to see the colors, so I kept it in color. I love shelving units like this. You can use them as room dividers or just along a wall for interest. I also like how there are virtually NO books on this. Its an eclectic display that works beautifully.

An old sewing table sans sewing machine. Imagine the possibilities.

A beautiful Rooster plate set. You can see the other sets available in the background.

How about the trend of turning baskets into lampshades? Adore!

This is such a cute way to display baby shoes or just about anything precious. I love it.

Well I hope that you are as infatuated with Ruffles and Rust Square as I am. And if I piqued your interest make sure you stop in and take a look, I would even be willing to make the drive to Snohomish with you! There is way more stuff than what I showed. Also if you like them on Facebook you get their updates all the time with pictures of new items!!


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