Thursday, June 21, 2012

Adoption Seminar

Last weekend Thomas and I went to Spokane for our Adoption Seminar. 

 (Spokane Falls)

We had a great time staying over at my Aunt and Uncles and spending time with the cousins!  My aunt made the best chicken with Ritz crackers...I will post the recipe one of these Tuesday's.  We celebrated Thomas Birthday on Saturday (it was also my cousin's birthday) and went to play mini-golf.  I hit two Hole in Ones!!! Probably the best game of golf I have ever played!  It was so fun to have those family meals and conversation.

What is an Adoption Seminar, you ask?  Well this was sort of an informational weekend but I feel that it was more than an introduction.  We learned about the legality of adoption, the finances and the procedures.  We learned about child attachment and the importance of instilling trust with your child for at least their first two years.  They had several birth mom's come in and talk to us about why they chose adoption for their child and how they chose the couple.  We were able to ask them questions and get a better idea about why Open Adoption works for them.  Then there were Couples who came in....most with their adopted babies/toddlers and they shared their experience with adoption and how they worked on attachment with their child.  They told us about their view of Open Adoption and why it works for them.  We learned about their fears and expectations going into adoption and how it has worked out for them so far. 

It was so encouraging to go to this seminar and know that we are one step closer to getting our baby!!  Every adoption agency is different and has different expectations and requirements for their adoption.  We feel confident in this agency and really like how small and personal it is.  They only have about 8-12 couples in the waiting pool at a time.  This helps with reducing the amount of time in the pool waiting to be selected.  This agency works very closely with their birth mothers/parents as well as the adoptive couples.  They have a very high success rate with their placements. 

I believe that I have mentioned on here about our 24 page portfolio.  Well it was probably the most important project I have ever worked on and I am so pleased to have gotten a final draft by my self imposed due date.  We were able to get it printed off and put into the folders to turn in after our Seminar.  So as far as I know we are ALREADY being shown to birth moms!!!  This is such a relief.  It is becoming more of a reality!  We are going to be parents and it can be any day now!!

Since we are getting so close (we are really like in the second to last stage) I will be asking some questions on this ole blog here about baby products.  I have done some research already but I would LOVE to know some first hand knowledge and advice.  Those posts will be coming shortly!

Thanks for giving me the time to share this exciting step in the process with you all!!

♥ Ashley

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