Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer and Mom Picks

Well I can for sure tell that school is out for Summer!!!  Since my schedule is a little out of posting might be a little sporadic, as will my catching up on all of your blogs!

We are rounding the last turn in the backstretch of this whole Adoption.  Which means that we are finally able to start looking into getting baby stuff!!!  I already have a few things picked out: the Crib, Stroller and Carseat but I know that there are still SO MANY other things that we need to get!

So I want some of my reader's expertise on things you MUST have and the products you like. 

Did you use a Bassinet?
What do you look for in a Diaper Bag?
How many Newborn outfits do you need?
What was your fave "passie" brand?
Did you use a swing?
What are your feelings on a Pack'n'Play?
What brand of newborn Diapers?
Are you using Cloth Diapers?  What are your thoughts?
Any other item advice?

Thanks so much for all of your help!

♥ Ashley


  1. Here goes:

    Consignment shops are your best friend-babies grow so fast!

    We definitely used a bassinet (rocking) because it was smaller and could fit at the end of our bed so I could watch Emelyn while she slept and didn't have to go to far to get to her!

  2. Swings are great but not all babies like them. We had a Graco Lovin hugs swing that plugged in and loved it. Get a vibrating bouncer too so you have options! Diaper bags need to be functional-you want something that fits what you need but isn't too bulky! We used Avent pacifiers and LOVED them!

  3. As for diapers it all depends on baby! Emmy did great with pampers when she was little little but when she got bigger we switched to huggins because they fit her better!

    Here are some of my favorite things ( my must haves list!)
    *Ergo carrier *Chicco key fit 30 car seat and Chico caddy stroller *my Brest friend bottles *video monitor

  4. Congratulations! This is all so exciting! Give me a call or send me a fb message (Samantha Schoner) if you wanna chat more!

  5. Did you use a Bassinet? We got a pack and play that converts into a bassinet. It is definitely worth it having both.
    What do you look for in a Diaper Bag? Something that was big enough to lug around all of the newborn essentials, and something that was comfortable to carry.

    How many Newborn outfits do you need? My babies were 9+ pounds at birth and they didn't fit into a single newborn outfit. If the baby is 8 pounds or less you will probably need a few. My advice would be to have 2 newborn outfits then after seeing how big or small the baby is, send someone to go buy more as necessary. Even if a baby does fit in newborn at first, it is for a very short amount of time.

    What was your fave "passie" brand? Bailey used the "Nuk" brand, and Spencer would never take that brand. We finally figured out she likes the "mam" brand. Just depends on the baby I guess!

    Did you use a swing? The swing is a life saver!

    What are your feelings on a Pack'n'Play? A must have for traveling.

    What brand of newborn Diapers? Pampers (I've heard Huggies work better for boys).

    Are you using Cloth Diapers? What are your thoughts? Cloth diapers aren't for me, but I've talked to moms who love them.

    Any other item advice? A bumbo is a must have for me. Swaddlers are great for helping babies sleep better. And lots of burp rags are a must have (cloth diapers work great).

    Good luck and we are so happy for you guys!

  6. swing was a must, Pampers Swaddlers for both kids, Fave newborn paci was a gumdrop, no question. Pac n' play still gets used daily. never used a bassinet, just call me :) haha you still have my number? Also we still need to meet up! CONGRATS ASH!

  7. I have answers, and things to lend, but my best advice is: take everything into consideration knowing your baby will be different than any other baby and you'll figure out what works best for you guys as you go along. You can follow everyone's recommendations and find that your baby prefers things completely different. Like ours loved the swing but the vibrating chair went nearly completely unused. One took a paci all the time and one never did. It's going to be a great adventure!! And we're excited to go along on it with you!


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