Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Sorry readers....I have kinda been out of the loop.  Been working on lots of things.

A couple weeks ago Thomas and I go the go-ahead to begin working on our 24 page portfolio for our Adoption Agency.  I have a friend that has already gone through the adoption process THREE times and he so graciously offered us a copy of his portfolio to give us a blueprint.  It has been instrumental in the creation of ours.  This past weekend I have totally been engrossed by it and already have about 15 pages done!   I have learned through this process that my picture taking has changed over the years and my focus has gone from myself and/or Thomas to our puppies and our home.  Not really the types of pictures we are looking for in this process.  So there are still a few that I need to take, like one of my IN my garden not just the garden itself!  We are putting about 5-6 photos on each page with a little description under each.  It has been fun and reliving the memories.  But it is also somewhat tedious.  I am avoiding the most difficult part of this portfolio and distracting myself with the pictures and captions, but I really need to work on the Birth parent letter.  This letter should be a whole page selling ourselves to prospective birth moms and dads.  It is daunting but I know that once we sit down and start mapping in out we will get it done!

I am also organizing or heading up my 10 year High School reunion.  10 years!! How did that happen?  I was supposed to already have like 3 kids by now or something!  FB has been great in keeping most of us up to date on each others lives...also a great connection tool to get an idea as to what people would be interested in doing for our 10 year reunion.  My plan is for it to be pretty laid back - it's only our 10 year so no need to go balls to the wall crazy on it!  I haven't gotten overly involved yet but I do have 2 months to prepare.  Talk to me at the beginning of August and lets see how I feel then!  I don't have many regrets from my high school career. One thing I do regret though, is that I never turned in my "Dear 28-year-old Self"letter that I was supposed to write in Senior English.  So I will not or have not received that in the mail.  Boo-hickey! Back then I couldn't imagine what to write and now all I do is wish I could get a letter from my 18 year old self and be reminded of my aspirations!  Oh well, I guess I will just have to keep living my life!

I think I mentioned back in the beginning of January about my New Year's Resolution.  But not sure if I can find the post to link back and I am not interested in that type of detective work so here it is: My 2012 New Year's Resolution is to do pushups everyday and increase the number of pushups each month.  I started in January with 10 pushups and I am pretty sure I did them all 31 days.  February was up 5 to 15 a day.  I would say I probably did them 26 days.  March brought on another 5 so I was up to 20 pushups a day.  I found that I prefer to do them at night just before bed, along with my multi vitamin and my devotions.  March I think I took a drop in my drive and probably only did pushups 20 days that month.  April I was up to 25 pushups and I say I probably did them about 26 days.  In May I was doing 30 pushups...it was starting to get rough. I think I missed 5 days in May.  Now it is June.  I think that overall this year I have been doing a decent job at keeping up with my personal goal.  I am doing 35 pushups each day...I already missed one day.  I will try to do better.  It is after all almost summer.  If I get sub jobs for next week I will only have 7 days of work left until Summer Break!! yeah that is one of the best things about being a teacher.  The worst thing is this whole budget and getting laid off each year!

That is where I have been.  Sorry about missing you all.  I have been reading up on your blogs though.  Thanks for sticking in there!

♥ Ashley

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