Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weekend Update

So here are some things that have been happening on the farm.

On Saturday we celebrated my brothers birthday with a BBQ at my dad's "old" house.  I say old because he has purchased a new house and is slowly moving into it.  This was probably one of the last if not the last BBQ we will have on the deck there.  Oh childhood home I love you and will miss you.  The sad thing is that whoever buys this house is probably going to gut it or tear it down.  That makes me sad.

We also had family over to hang out on the farm on Sunday.  I cooked some Cod that we got from our neighbor.  I don't normally cook fish or really eat it, because I don't really know HOW to cook fish.  If I do cook fish its usually salmon baked in the oven, but I tried a new preparation for this Cod and it was pretty good.  I might venture into eating more fish in my diet!

Oh yeah, we also got a cord for my birthday camera so I can upload the pictures onto my computer.  SO that is what I am sharing with you today.

 The goats love to head bump our fists!

 You can just see Cooper running behind Paladin.

♥ Ashley

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