Sunday, November 11, 2012

What I have been up to

Well I had a somewhat busy weekend so far.  On Friday after work I attended "The Funky Junk Sisters 'Junk Salvation' " with my MIL Deanna.  We had a fabulous time checking out althe good junk to be had. We have found that we are more selective each time we attend one of these shows. I was on the look out for some baskets or bins to put in our Office room but could not find any I liked or a price I was willing to pay.

On Saturday I went to Check out that BIG Macy's sale and got some pants. Then back to the junk show where I did find a nativity set (I was looking for one last year) so I picked that up along with
another antler.  Then I went to "The Washington Bloggers - Meetup"   We had a great time meeting each other in person and just good old hanging out.  On my way home I stopped by a favorite nursery to pick up some paper white bulbs to get planted in various containers around my house.


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