Thursday, November 1, 2012

November ♥

Happy Belated Halloween!!! or as I like to spell it Howloween.  Per the usual, I had all sorts of plans for a post for yesterday but as life goes that just didn't happen.  I am totally noticing myself being super busy so far this year.  I hardly get to email with my MIL anymore - when last year we practically wrote novels each day!! and I was posting a lot more.  But I kinda like it busier - keeps my mind on things or rather off things if you catch my drift.

Lets talk about yesterday real quick and then we will get into the meat of the post.  I had all sorts of intentions of handing out candy to all our little "trick or treaters" but on my way home I remembered that I needed to make "Test Treats" for my class - after each test or quiz I bring in baked goods for them.  I was planning on making some cranberry bars - so I needed to stop by the store to get some cranberry sauce.  I missed our record breaking 6! "trick or treaters" by about 10 minutes. (sad face). So I spent my evening making the bars and watching a Roseanne marathon. (I was denied the lovely Rosanne growing up so I am making up for it now....good thing there are marathons and re-runs).

I LOVE November almost as much as I love December (and of course March because that is my birthday month).  Thanksgiving is coming up and while a couple years ago this was a very sad time...I am able to see the other blessings in my life that God has given me and they totally trump the sad times.  I can imagine that this year might be difficult as it is our first holiday season without my mom but God is good.

Fun things about November:
    the beginning of the Holiday Season
    Starbucks has their Holiday cups out
    Black Friday
    Fall coloured leaves
    Christmas in the stores
    Fires in the fireplace
    Hot tea
    Spicy Italians at Subway are only $5 this month!!!

What do you love about November??


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