Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weekend Update

What a wonderful 3 day weekend.  Lets re-cap the past couple of weeks though first...then we will get onto the weekend.

On January 28th I posted THIS and to update from there:  It turned out to be another ectopic pregnancy.  I had to go into the doctor and get an injection of cancer medication to expel the pregnancy.  8 days later I got another blood draw and it showed that my numbers actually went UP!!! So I needed to go in again to get ANOTHER shot.  Looks like this one is working and we have hopefully avoided surgery. (though I am thinking I might go in for selective surgery to just remove my right tube as that I am now at a 60% chance of it happening again!)

On top of that fiasco I was also subjected to "The Plague" ok so I may be joking a little but I got that sore throat with a deep bronchial cough and congestion in my nose like crazy.  Last week I was living off of tea with honey and THESE I love them! I am just now starting to feel much better.

Honey Throat Drops - Burt's Bees - 20 - Lozenge
 Onto this past weekend.

On Friday I was craving Fish and Chips. More on that in a bit.

Saturday morning we had our weekend date and stopped at our local Starbucks for some coffee and pastries "for here".  I had a Vanilla Spice Latte.  He had a Blonde Roast with room.  I had a warmed Cinnamon Roll and he had an everything bagel with cream cheese.  YUMMM!!

On Saturday for lunch we went to Katie Downs for my craving and it was delicious.  Hubby and I shared a two piece "cod and chips" and a "prawn and chips" I think I am addicted to tarter sauce.  Also on Saturday we stopped by one of my favorites grocery strores The Metropolitan Market and took a look around.  I got some delicious chocolate for something I made yesterday.

On Sunday we made a stop down at Watson's Greenhouse to pick up a few things...tickets to the Northwest Flower and Garden Show (last years post) and a soup mix (Sausage and Lentil) to start up my Soup Sunday's again.  We got a free bag of daffodil bulbs with purchase!!

I love this soup, we have had it before.  I also like how it all comes in a package: all you need to add is Sausage, Beef Broth and Veggies - I added in a zucchini, yellow squash and some kale (kale is my new addiction). It turned out so good and it makes a TON...we have lunch for the week!!

Then on Monday morning we stopped over at the in-laws for some coffee and I made some fresh Beignets (french doughnuts from a mix you get at Cost Plus) with the nieces.

For dessert last night I made something that the hubster has been pining for for forever, a Chocolate Souffle.  I got the recipe from HERE.  And it was so good!! a lot of work but delicious!!!

How was your weekend?

Did you do anything fun??

♥ Ashley


  1. Thought of you when I blogged today. You've given me so much courage.


  2. Oh thank you Susie!!! I try real hard!!


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