Thursday, February 16, 2012

Northwest Flower and Garden Show 2012

Last week Thomas and I went to the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. It was a great show, though I was not as impressed with the display gardens as I was last year. They seemed to be more modern than country. But I was still able to get some great ideas and get EXCITED for Spring and Summer to get here!!!

It was a little bittersweet attending the show this year. It has been an annual trip for me and my mom to go to together. This year she was unable to go due to her declining health. If you want to learn more about my mom's battle with Brain Cancer you can check out the blog my brother set up. Any prayers or thoughts you have for our family would be greatly appreciated.

Please enjoy the pics with some commentary.

Loved this window box! We NEED to put some on the Goat and Chicken barns!

Double Paper whites!! So cool!

I love these plants, not sure what they are I think they are a Coleus.

How cool would it be to have a smoke machine going on your man-made-pond?

I loved this garden
So cute looks like it is set up for Peter Rabbit!!
Love all the primroses and the cobble path.
Cute little bridge and stream/water feature!
THIS is what I want to do with my vintage water spigot!
I like how trail like and woodsy this is.

Such a cute little garden shed!! Love the stone patio! and that washboard!
My favorite garden again!!
Really fun light fixture!
How about this in your garden?

A bunch of koi and a fake alligator!
Love the Snowdrops and Cyclamen.
I want to have a picnic!! This is part of the Parisian garden SO cute!!
Beautiful Peony!! Hope mine come back this year!
Little bistro!!

Maybe I can grow this!!
Veg's next to the chicken coop...would love to do this but the goats would eat them.
more of the Parisian garden...look at that bicycle!

Hope you enjoyed the peek at Spring/Summer 2012!! If you have never been to the show I HIGHLY recommend it!!! You can check out more info HERE.

♥ Ashley

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