Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Home Tour

I shared my home tour back in September, you can see it here. But now that it's the holidays (and Christmas is tomorrow!!) I wanted to share how we decorated this year!

We decided to tone it down and go just a bit more simple this year and I am actually loving it!

Christmas cards have been coming in and I finally decided on a way to display the photo cards. Just some twine and mini clothes pins from Ellie's baby shower!

Our guest bathroom gets a little festive
With a jingle bell swag on the door
And it's very own Christmas tree and nutcracker!

Here is our dining room area. Just a few touches here and there. An Elf, snowman, sled/sleigh and a few Angels. I love the sleigh on the table, that is where you can find some more Christmas cards. Our Elf hasn't been too adventurous this year...maybe next year. You can also see Ellie's Christmas craft from last year "mistletoes" I still need to do this years. 

I am loving our tree this year. We tried something a little different with the ornaments (all like colors together). This will be our new way to decorate!

Most of our decor goes in the same spot each year and our mantle is pretty similar year to year. Ellie's little chair warms my heart and I just love seeing her stocking hung up! 

We started a tradition last year where we get Ellie an ornament for our tree that she will be able to take with her. Nanny and Papa also wanted to do this tradition for Ellie so she gets two ornaments each year!  Last year we picked out the Pink Deer and this year we got her the Flamingo. Nanny and Papa got the deer on the right last year and a gingerbread girl this year!

Here is our living room all ready for Christmas.  I love the addition of the red check pillow (ikea FTW). 

I have a love affair with nativities. Ellie has a small one in her room but I really wanted one she can play with. Nanny for the win brought over this adorable felt one from Martha Stewart! The one below is from my mom. 

Christmas books and movies are some of my favorites and I love to display my growing collection. 
And finally I have always enjoyed a nicely wrapped present. It was an activity I enjoyed to do while growing up. Also when I worked in retail (at a jewelry store) I was taught how to properly wrap a present and tie the bow - one of the best things I took away from that job! When we visited ikea a few weeks ago I fell for their green paper collection and just knew that it would be perfect in my home! I also hand stamped the gift tags this year and hope to be able to reuse them next year!

How do you decorate for Christmas? Do you display your stockings all month like me or do you reserve them for Christmas Eve?

♥ Ashley


  1. Ashley, you have a beautiful home! It is very cozy and festive for the holidays. Usually I decorate but this year (at 28 weeks pregnant), I didn't really want to deal with it. But I'll be excited to decorate again next year when our little one is here. Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas and advanced happy new year to you and your family! What an adorable home you have here :)

    Checking you from the linkup. If you have a sec, I'd love for you to come over my blog or get connected on social media, if you like.



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