Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Eve Recap

Christmas is over!! All that waiting and planning and waiting and preparing and waiting has all come to an end. 

We had the most fabulous holiday and Ellie was blessed for sure!! (I prefer blessed over spoiled because I feel the latter has negative connotations.)

I had to go into work at church (I work in the childcare) for an hour so Ellie came with me so that Thomas could finish up her easel. Girlfriend is short so we needed to chop down the legs so she can reach the chalkboard!! Then Ellie had a stellar nap (almost 3 hours!). She woke up with a wicked cough that really scared her but after a cracker, some milk and a chewable medicine tab she was a happy camper. We got dressed and ready for the evening. 

This year we had it at Thomas' parents house and we had their traditional Prime Rib dinner. Before I started dating Thomas I didn't like Prime Rib!! I have no idea what was wrong with me. We served it with potatoes, carrots, and rolls. It was beyond delish. Ellie did great sitting in her high chair and eating the meal (potatoes and carrots being the stars). Then our desserts were a bunch of little bites: rice crispy treats, Buckeyes, and peanut butter blossoms. Ellie is a huge PB fan so the blossoms were her favorite minus the chocolate kiss of course. 

It was so much fun for Ellie to spend time with her Aunt, Uncle,cousins (Thomas' other brother and wife were out of town) and great grandma! Ellie was definitely feeding off of her cousins energy and did get in trouble for continuing to run into the kitchen (that was busy with lots of cooking - hot stoves and open ovens) after I had told her stop. Ellie is quite the observer these days and is picking up all sorts of things from the other kids I watch - like the funniest scrunch face ever!

After dinner we all sat around the tree and opened presents. 
I wanted Ellie to be aware of who gave her which gifts so before we opened them we looked at the tag and then the gift giver and blew a kiss for a thank you and repeated after we opened the gift. 
Girlfriend loved opening the gifts - a real wrapping ripper!! 

Ellie got some musical instruments: maracas, a tambourine, a kids keyboard, cymbals, and a wooden clapper. She also got an adorable outfit, matching scarf with me, a cute little sheep stuffed animal (Baa's are her favorites right now). Thomas and I recieved a one year Costco membership! I got a matching scarf with Ellie, and a great pair of boots!! Thomas got a gift card to Bass Pro Shops and a Bear Grylls utility/survival knife!

Once presents were all done, Ellie had an outfit change and we were off to church for the candlelight service. Ellie was fairly well behaved. We did have to take her out to run around a bit and she found the door to the stage...but she is a good listener and turned around to come back to me when I told her to. And once again I'm convinced we have a future pyro on our hands. Ellie cried when we blew out the candle for her to hold!!

Then it was back home to go to bed and see if Santa came!  Ellie was so jazzed up from the nights festivities that sleeping in her crib was out of the question (after four attempts) so into our bed she came. And just talked and babbled for a good 10 minutes before finally settling down. 

Check back tomorrow for our Christmas Day Recap! How was your holiday?

♥ Ashley 


  1. she is so, so adorable!! Rae would have loved an easel too! Sounds like a great Christmas! xo!

  2. Ellie's Christmas Eve dress is just darling!! Looks like you all had a fun Christmas Eve! Xoxo

  3. Sounds like ya'll had an amazing family Christmas! P.S. Lily got that Sophia couch last year and still uses it constantly!! Hope ya'll enjoy it tons too!


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