Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My first Fix - Stitch Fix

I so wanted to try out a Stitch Fix when I first learned about them in the spring. But with the news that I was losing my job and had to look for employment, signing up just wasn't in the cards for me. I told myself that once I found a job and started working I could reward myself with a Stitch Fix. I found a new form of employment as a Nanny and finally my hopes came true and I signed up for one in the middle of November!!

What is Stitch Fix? It's the coolest concept. Basically you fill out a profile with your style and cost preferences and then direct to your style  board on Pinterest and you get a box of 5 items sent picked out by a personal stylist and sent right to your door. You don't have to buy any of the it's if you don't like them but they will charge a styling fee ($20). If you choose to keep an item they will take off your styling fee and a bonus if you keep all five items a 25% discount!!

I have seen several of my favorite bloggers post about their fix's and I can't wait to share mine!!

Happy Mail Day!
I was so excited when I opened up my box and saw the polyvore card and the sweet note from my stylist Lana!! The first thing I noticed on the card was the heart sweater at the bottom and prayed that I would like it on!!

I was also looking forward to trying on some floral since I'm in love with it for Ellie. 

The first item I tried of was the faux leather jacket. I hated this. The fit was too tight in the shoulders, the waiste a little short and I couldn't get past the feeling of the faux. It was an item I definitely would not pick out myself and it's just not me. Maybe for someone else.

I was really looking forward to the floral top. I loved the blousiness of it and how it fit me. But ultimately once I got it on I felt like the pattern was just a little too matronly for me. 
Looking back at the pictures I think I made the right decision in sending it back. 

The next item I tried on were the distressed black demon pants. I loved the fit of these and have been looking for a new pair of black pants. They were a great length and just right around my waiste, I thought the distressing was fun but a little too over the top with my line of work (crawling on the floor with infants and toddlers) plus I might add a little more distressing than is socially acceptable!! I was so sad to send these back, I might have kept them if they were under $50 - but requested a similar pair for my next box just sans holes!

Finally I got to try on the sweater! It was love!! The fabric is so soft and light, I love the way it fits, that the sleeves are short (I'm always rolling my sleeves to this length) and the actual length of the sweater - I can wear it with leggings and feel comfortable and covered!  These is the type of tops I am in the market for.
I got to model all of these for Thomas and asked him which item he thought I should keep - hands down he said this sweater "it's got your be all over it" he said! Well done Lana on this sweater pick. I love it!!

The fifth and final item I tried on was this great infinity scarf with some birds on it. Now I love me some birds and some scarves. This had a great weight to it and the fabric was soft and smooth. It was super cute but I have a similar scarf in blue and a dress with the exact pattern in black. For the price it was just a little too high and my scarf drawer is overflowing with my collection (hoarding). So I sent it back.

Even though I only kept one item from this box I absolutely loved this experience and the items my stylist chose for me. I am so looking forward to my next box! Each box your stylest gets to know you better so she can pick out just the right items for you!!

Have you tried Stitch Fix before? If not and you want to please use my referral code here!! Thanks for helping a sister out!!

♥ Ashley


  1. Cute. I love reading these reviews. Glad you found something to work for you!

  2. This is perfect, Ashley! I'm always happy if I only want to keep one piece ;) and now you have some great great feedback to give to your stylist! Your next box will be amazing!

  3. I've wanted to try Stitch Fix for so long! I've had a baby bump or changing postpartum body for the past few years, so I've put it off, but I so look forward to getting into this after April!

  4. I love looking at blogger's Stitch Fix reviews! I don't really have the budget for it myself, but it seems really fun!! XO Kelly

  5. I signed up because I loved this post (hopefully you got a referral credit!). I have to say... LOVE!!! I just posted the picks I received today. I'm addicted already!


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