Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend Happenings

The weekend is over already?!!!! 
Wow that went by fast! Only two more Saturday's and then it's Christmas!

On Friday I went over to a friends house for a Pinterest party. It was so much fun. I was a bad blogger and just had too much fun hanging out to take pictures. Our host is totally adorable and went all out Pinterest style with all the food!! It was so cute!

On Saturday we got to have a lazy day in the morning just hanging around the house and getting a few things done.  Oh and our Elf finally made an appearance!! She still has no name - waiting for Ellie to get a little bit bigger - maybe next year.  Our Elf is a good Elf.  She doesn't get into any mischief and seems to find a pretty 'safe' spot to hang out for the day.
In the afternoon I had family portraits scheduled and of course Ellie refused her nap until an hour before we had to leave!! (despite our many attempts).  Luckily though she was in good spirits when we got to the studio and totally hammed it up for the camera.  I love our proofs and while I don't have any to show you I can't wait to get them next week!  We just went through JCPenney because 1. they are local 2. they are relatively cheap ($3.99 a photo sheet and with signing up for their membership we have free sitting fee's for 2 years!) and 3. I didn't think we were going to get as lucky this year having Ellie stare at an empty camera!!  (though I am totally going to make sure we go out and do "real" photos next year!)
Ellie also got to do a Christmas craft! Super cute gingerbread house from Hoblob!

After our photos we made a stop at Target to pick up a few snack items.  While we were there I saw a $5 iPhone speaker in the Dollar Spot (can't seem to find it online).  I have been on the search for one and while the toilet paper tube works just fine, I think something a little more attractive would be better.  Have you seen it? Or tried it? I guess for $5 it might just be worth it to try it out.
Then after Ellie went to bed we got to watch "A White Christmas" which is our Engagementiversary tradition!  I can't believe it's been 8 years since Thomas proposed!!!

There have been a ton of commercials in our area lately about these two events that are combined at our local fairgrounds "A Victorian Country Christmas" and "Christmas at the Northpole"  We checked them out online and they sounded like it might be a fun thing to take Ellie to.  It was a total bust!  Basically the Victorian part was just a craft-fair with many of the same vendors you see at the county fairs but the vendors were dressed up in Victorian era clothes!! LAME.  Then we got to check out the Northpole which was supposed to be a "Santa's Workshop" and a chance to get pictures the "the best Santa in town".  I would say it was even more of a disappointment than the Victorian part.  While they had a few activities for the kids (like coloring a Santa picture and then writing a letter to Santa) it was just a glorified waiting area for Santa pictures.  I guess it was better than waiting in line but our Santa that we went to last week was WAY better and more competitively priced! If you live in the area - save yourself some money and just go to a mall.

♥ Ashley


  1. Oh my gosh! That engagement photos is so sweet! Love your Xmas decor.

  2. I literally just ordered this iPhone speaker 2 weeks ago. It's pretty amazing and it was only $15: I definitely recommend this one!

    P.S. Happy Engagement Anniversary! That photo is great!

  3. Oh she looks like a DOLL in her little fuzzy vest! :)

  4. Her gingerbread house is super cute and it sounds like a fun weekend! I used JCP for photos for a lot with callie and they do good work. I'm always just bummed how much they charge for the digital copies.

  5. Ain't no shame in jcp portraits girlfriend! Sounds like y'all had a fun weekend!!!

  6. Happy Engagement Anniversary! That photo is so adorable! We tried to do real family photos and they were really rough with a toddler. You were smart to just go to JCP :)
    XO Kelly

  7. What a sweet picture of him proposing. We got engaged on Christmas too. Best present.
    Great picture of you and Ellie!

  8. Aaahhh so much fun. LOVE the engagement picture and tradition. I really need to watch that movie soon.

    Ellie is just so darn photogentic. It's awesome.

  9. Awwww that is so special you had a picture like that capturing your engagement!!!! I'm also happy your elf doesn't get into trouble ;-)


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