Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Fix #3

I got my third Stitch Fix in the mail just before Mother's Day and boy was I excited! 

I have to say that this was my best fix to date.  I opened up my package and immediately checked out the styling card and note from my stylist. I feel like Erika really listened to me and understands my style much better than my previous fixes.

Here is a close up of all five items

I mean perfect right? I really really wanted to love everything in this fix and utilize the 25% discount for all five items. Each item was practically something I would pick out for myself! This was a fix made in heaven...almost. 

Item One: Mavi Aiden Skinny Jean $98

 Okay so I realize that this picture quality is horrific and I have many apologies for that. I am also realizing that the lighting is horrible in my bathroom (it's almost done btw) which might explain why my makeup always looks so drastically different when I go into another room....a story for another day. 

I have been asking for a great quality pair of denim that actually fit me because I am learning that my $15 Ross finds just aren't that flattering. These jeans have been the best yet, nothing funky like holes or weird ankle zippers (although there was a zipper in the penny pocket). They might have been a bit snug at the waist but were super comfortable and the material was really soft and stretchy. 

The more I look at them the more I like them but once again, they are a bit long and give me slouchy ankles. I know I'm pretty picky but when you stand just 60" tall finding jeans (that are not in the girls section) that are short enough are hard to come by. But ultimately as much as I liked these jeans I didn't love them and for $98 I just couldn't take the plunge. 
Verdict: sent back
Item Two: Pixley Colibri Heart Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse $48

I actually requested this blouse after seeing it on another blogger (It fit her much better). I love the style of this blouse and actually have one similar in a green and white chevron. I love the length and that the sleeves can roll up. It was really comfortable on and I actually liked how it looked on me. 


There is just something about how the neck fits me. I'm all about being conservative these days and all but I just don't like how the neck doesn't state open on me, I kept trying to fold it down but it wouldn't work. And the. I tried to take it off....that was a struggle. I also got a little dizzy looking at the pattern, isn't it a bit blurry.  I'm not too big on hearts and I've already stepped out of my comfort zone with a heart pattern sweater in my first fix that I'd rather go for a pattern I love. I think I will ask for this blouse again and see if I can't get a better pattern/color. 
Verdict: sent back

Item Three: Skies are Blue Harley Lace Detail Top $48
When I saw this in the box I loved it. I mean the color alone is one of my favorites right now, Coral and then it was lace so it shoulda been out of the park. Except that it looked horrible on me. The sleeves fit all sorts of weird and I feel like it makes me look like a box or a line backer - take your pick. Not to mention it was see-through so I have to wear a tank underneath (which I do on the reg anyways but still...) I was so sad that this was so bad because it looked so cute, it even had a cool zipper detail on the back! Don't let me forget to mention though that the tag nearly took my nose out while trying it on, not that that would have changed my mind at all. Apparently I have a real hard time trying clothes on?!!! 
Verdict: sent back

Item Four: Skies are Blue Page Flutter Sleeve Blouse $48
Finally! I have been asking for a floral top since I can't remember when. Both of my previous boxes sent me a floral top but they were just plain awful. I finally learned that I needed to use the phrase "romantic floral" to get what I wanted!  This top is see through as well but I love how flowy it is and it doesn't make my arms look fat!  It has some great colors and a fun floral pattern.
Verdict: kept obvi 

Item Five: Bancroft Wendy Layered Branch Necklace $32
 Honestly I didn't even bother taking this out of the box. First of all because it was $32 and I ain't going to be spending that much on a necklace and second of all they sent me another necklace. Truth be told I didn't tell them to not send me jewelry I just thought they would be able to send me something better. I will be taking that out of my produce because so far in the accessory dept they are 0 for 3. 
Verdict: sent back
Even though I only kept one item I really loved this fix and think they are understanding my style preferences much better. I had so much fun with this one and am really hoping that they will knock it out of the park next time!

Have you tried Stitch Fix before? It is so much fun! If you haven't already you can click here to sign up with my referral and I'll get a nice little bonus on my next fix!

♥ Ashley 

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  1. It's always disappointing when you love everything and some of the items just don't fit right. I so loved a coral shirt in my last box and it just didn't lay right across my chest. Such a bummer. I got Mavi jeans that were a tad too long for me, so I went looking elsewhere. 6pm has them super discounted and there are usually multiple inseam lengths - check them out on there if you liked the jeans. I love, love, love my new Mavi jeans. I nice change from my usual Old Navy!

  2. I agree that you should keep the floral top. It is very pretty! Floral is so in right now and it looks great on you. I also liked the heart top on you but I understand when something doesn't feel right. Have a great week!

  3. I noticed and loved that top in your Mother's Day picture! How awesome that it was a stitch fix piece! I think keeping even one item is a successful box :) I also have no accessories selected for my boxes. I know that I can buy jewelry, scarves, and purses that I'll like somewhere else. I just like receiving tops, bottoms, and dresses!

  4. That box was SO much better than your last one. I really like it all too! Glad you found something you loved!

  5. The tops are so pretty on you that they sent to you. I have bee tempted about the service but just don't believe in paying a monthly service charge so I have resisted.


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  6. Super cute! I've only done one so far but I kept all five items. I have another one coming next month and I could definitely get completely addicted. I love all of your items from this Fix!


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