Friday, May 22, 2015

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Wow!!! I can't believe that my baby girl turned TWO yesterday! We just had the best time celebrating our darling (I'll post next week about our fantastic day!) and are looking forward to her party in a couple of weeks!  I have kinda been MIA from blogging the past few weeks and I am not apologizing for it.  Life has become rather busy and I have been lacking that inspiration for posts.  I don't want to just throw a post out there just to meet my "goal of 3 posts a week" if its not going to be a good one.  I have lots of ideas floating around in my head but don't quite know how to get them down on "paper".  They will show up eventually though, so thank you for sticking with me!

Onto this weeks FIVE!


I signed up for a Citrus Lane box and we got our first one this week.  We got some great things in it and I am looking forward to more boxes in the future.  Also you can order through Ebates which is awesome (just wish I would have checked that before I signed up!!) and get cash back.  I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the snacks they sent because they immediately went into Ellie's belly and she couldn't get enough of them!  These sand box tools/gadgets are going to come in super handy for a project we are making for Ellie for her birthday.  The dress is super cute and perfect for summer.  And who doesn't need some more food storage? these are perfect for on the go eating!


If I haven't mentioned it before (and I'm sure that I have) but I love gardening and I don't discriminate either.  I love flower gardening and I love vegetable/fruit gardening.  I grew up helping my mom out in the garden and it is a passion that has continued into my adulthood.  Not being able to garden while I was in college was pretty hard but I have made up for it since getting married.  I am always learning about what to do in the garden and I am learning through trial and error.  But when your garden area finally starts to fill in and things are starting to flourish it makes your heart so happy.  I enjoy looking at our giant flower beds in our front yards all the time and looking back to see how it has changed over the years.  Thomas suggested that I take a daily picture to document how it changes so I have an IG hashtag if you want to check it out #parsonsgarden365  One of the cool things about this (other than seeing the daily change) is that you also get a glimpse of some home improvements as well: like painting our front door, adding a fence, and hopefully soon an entire home exterior paint change!!  Another benefit to gardening is getting to bring some of those flowers inside! I just love fresh flowers and having ones that I've grown in a bouquet is priceless.  We have several (like 15) peony plants that we put in and there is one that I have dubbed "Ellie's Peony" because the first time it bloomed was a few days before we left to go get her.


 I have also been doing some soul searching lately and really trying to find myself again.  I have a whole post planned for this that I hope to publish in the very near future but have you ever looked back on your life and wondered "Who is this person?"  Well I have and I am determined to find her again!


I like to try to get Ellie practical gifts for her birthday and not just a bunch of stuff that is just going to clutter our house up.  So Thomas and I have talked and talked and really tried to get Ellie something that she would really love for her birthday.  It actually wasn't that difficult to come to a decision of what to get her, the challenge was which to get her.  Ellie loves to be outside - swinging especially - so we decided that we are going to give her a swing set. Actually we are building it for her once the parts arrive (hopefully this weekend) and then I also happened upon this post via Pinterest and we are also going to make her a water table because she is 60 ways obsessed with water!


And finally our Adoption Application Packet came in the mail! So we are officially starting the process again!  We have a few "small" fees (around $4,700) before we will be placed into the waiting pool.  Then once we are selected and bring our sweet baby boy home we will have to pay the finalization fees (roughly $20,900) and we will legally be a family of four!!!  I know that is A LOT of money and then just think about it that the money spending doesn't end there, we will still need to buy diapers, formula, clothes, etc... So that is why we are fundraising this time around!  I have started a GoFundMe page and we would appreciate anything you can give us $5, $25, or $100 it all helps us out so much.  Additionally if you can't help us out financially we would greatly appreciate you sharing our GoFundMe page on your FB account, FB Blog Page, Twitter, or IG.  The more people who have eyes on our fundraiser the more opportunity there is for donations to come in!  I also am planning on having a virtual "Garage Sale" to give all you lovely ladies first dibs at some of our things which will include: clothes (both mine and Ellie's), kitchen gadgets/items, home decor, and other random items.  All prices will include shipping!

♥ Ashley

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  1. Happy Birthday Sweet girl :) Hope you guys had a blast
    Chelsea @

  2. oh so sweet girl! happiest birthday!!! Love all the garden posts.

  3. A swing set will be the best gift ever! And congrats on adopting again!

  4. Congratulations on starting an adoption process again, and I hope it all goes smoothly for you.

    Teresa at

  5. That is an absurd amount of money. I've heard it is pricy. But I never realized how much. that's awesome that you are going for another round, but I'm a little shell shocked at the price. phew. Best gift ever though really.

  6. That is a great gift for Ellie! Love the practical gifts.

    I am actually the opposite when it comes to looking back on the old me. I think "who is that girl and why does she think like that" I feel like it took me until almost 30 to find the real me.

    That is a lot of money. Praying that God would abundantly provide!


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