Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday - the one before the party

Ya'll I am so deep in party prep I don't even know what to say!!  The "good" thing about hosting parties at your home is that it kinda gives you the motivation to get some of those "to-do's" off your list.  By no means was doing much of any of our yard work a requirement for Ellie's party but having that deadline really got our rears in gear!!  Party inspiration can be found here.


I have been a spray painting machine!  Most of our outdoor furniture is white metal which requires a new coat of paint each year.  Mostly because we are lazy and even though we live on a farm we have no storage space for these items so they get left out all year long!! which means they have to weather the elements and that doesn't always look good come summer time.  So I have sprayed two loveseats, 3 side tables, 4 dining chairs, a dining table and a few plant forearms are speckled with white all over!


Ellie's swing set parts finally came in yesterday (after the shipped the day after they were supposed to arrive...) so when I get done with work tonight that is our evening project.  Hopefully it goes quickly and smoothly and we don't try to kill each other or have the neighbors call the cops on our arguing!!


I just have a bunch of the party decor to put up that I have been piecemealing together from lots of different places...thankfully we live close to all the shops I need: Hoblob, Target, Michaels, HomeGoods, JoAnn's, Party City, and Marshalls/TJMaxx.  I still couldn't find everything I wanted but I guess that's what happens when you fail to order online in time....maybe one year I'll have my life figured out.


Yard work has been at an all time high since we decided to rip down a fence.  And then Thomas dug out the biggest stump we've had on the property from a shrub we have been trying to get rid of for 7 years!  It was a Laurel and while I love them dearly, I just don't like them smack dab in the middle of my backyard.  I'm telling you the previous owners had some wacky quacky ideas for landscaping...So luckily we compost all our horse shit so we had some "free" dirt to fill in the crater!  Additionally we have patches of composted horse manure all over our back yard filling in all the holes from the posts of the fences and the remaining stumps that finally got pulled.  Our deck is almost completely sanded (hallelujah the angel choir sings) with the exception of a small corner that is covered with our indoor/outdoor rug so no one knows...well except all ya'll since I just spilled the beans.  And I have planted lots of new flowers (my love language) and have a feeling that this will be the year for our garden!


Finally I have a confession....I am already thinking of ideas for Ellie's birthday next year.....I actually started that about a month ago.

♥ Ashley

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  1. Girl, you got this!! You are a planing/spray painting/yard working machine! And good luck with that swing set!! Have a fabulous weekend :)

  2. I have to keep stopping myself from planning anything for Aria's third bday. I really want her to help me pick out the theme but I don't think she'd remember/care until it gets a lot closer. I'm a total planner so it kind of makes me twitchy BUT I never get around to starting on the physical stuff...buying anything...crafting any decor...etc until the last minute. I couldn't just have gotten both of those gifts...planning and follow through =)

    hahaha at the swing set. Oh guys good luck. Chris and I do not work well together on things like that.

  3. Can't wait to see the party! We had all kinds of plans for house/property projects before Sadie's party as well...and then the rain hit and just hasn't quit. We've literally been able to make zero progress on things outside for a full month now! I'm still a little heart broken that we couldn't have her party at the house because it would have been SO perfect but she had an amazing time and that's all that really matters :-)

  4. Can't wait to see the party details! Hope you all have an amazing time and weekend! XO

  5. oh lord! my farmer HATES when we have parties because he knows it's time to get busy on projects around the house. too funny. happy party planning!!

  6. Oh my goodness I just can not wait to hear all about that party... I am getting closer to being caught up but I don't think I have seen it in my Bloglovin' feed yet.

    Thinking of next year, lololol. That is really cute.

  7. I hope the party went well! Kane's 2nd birthday is this weekend, and I'm hoping his party goes off without a hitch. And holy cow that was a huge stump!!!



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