Friday, July 24, 2015

Hello Friday!

I can't even believe that it's Friday already.  This week has just flown by and you know what that means, Summer is just flying by and pretty soon we are going to have crisp fall weather and pumpkins will be everywhere!  I can't say that I can really complain about it because I love Fall, but there is something so relaxing and enjoyable about Summer.  I think a lot of it has to do with Thomas being a teacher and having the summer off so we can spend so much time with each other.


Speaking of Summer lets take a look at our Summer Bucket List:

We haven't really accomplished that much yet but we sure have enjoyed ourselves!  Ellie still loves the splash pad about as much as last year, though she likes to stomp around in the water more than getting sprayed with the water (something about getting her face wet...I totes understand).  She runs around like a maniac and I love it.  We had our first bon fire a couple of Fridays ago and have decided to make it a weekly thing "Bon Fire Fridays!" With our first fire we also had s'mores.  I love s'mores so this was a huge hit for me and all Ellie wanted was the graham cracker! Which actually didn't surprise me seeing she doesn't like chocolate and the marshmallows just aren't her thing (too sweet?)  Ellie is a huge fan of the bon fire and will ask for "fire fire fire!" just about every time we go outside.  Our Friday Fire didn't happen last week since we didn't get home until almost 9pm so we had to have it this Tuesday, Ellie loved throwing in the cardboard boxes we were burning and then kept asking for "fireworks" so we got out three of the Morning Glories we still have left from the 4th and she loved them just as much - though she was pretty sad when all three of them were gone.  I have a secret - we still have a bunch of sparklers left!  Finally horse rides are Ellie's favorite.  She still loves the goats but has grown a new fascination for Pal (our miniature horse) and will run up to him and pet him and hug him and say "I ride, I ride!"  She did fall off last time we took a ride (we had actually stopped to look at the chickens and she leaned over to the left a little too much - she was totally fine) but she got right back on and wanted to keep going and then cried when her turn was over!  We also got out his cart and she really enjoyed riding in the cart and driving around, so now she knows all about the joys of having a horse - just need to teach her how to scoop poop!  Hopefully we will be able to cross the rest of the items off our list in the next couple of weeks.


I mentioned a couple of Fridays ago that we had chosen a paint color for our house, I will give you a hint it is NOT the one on the far left.  Our plan was to get started the following week and then a wrench got thrown into our lives and I was told to take it easy so I could recover from emergency surgery.  I have been healing pretty quickly and felt great yesterday so we started painting our house!  It looks SO much better and I can't wait for it to all be done.  We hand painted for about 5 hours yesterday and got the entire front of the house done with two coats.  Ellie was a champ running around the yard, picking blueberries - although I am not sure how many were ripe without my assistance ;) and then sitting at her little table watching Sheriff Callie on the laptop (that she is proficient at btw), she also took about a 3 hour nap that really allowed us to get our paint on.  I am not sure if you can really tell in the photo above but the trim is a fleshy/peachy color which is just awful and it looks pretty 80's with the grey color we picked out.  So today Thomas is busy painting the trim along the front of the house white so that it at least looks beautiful from the street!  I can't wait for it to be done so I can share it with y'all.


Let's talk about some more home improvements.  I have been wanting to switch up Ellie's room for a while - it's time for the yellow paint on the walls to go and now that she is no longer a baby a nursery isn't quite working anymore.  As I am currently on a grey kick I have dreams of her room being grey and white with accents of shades of pink and gold touches here and there.  I have been pinning away some ideas, tell me what you think!

I'm loving fake trophy heads. I have metal antlers in my room. Rustic vibes

I want her room to be whimsical and I just love the stuffed animal trophy heads - I am pretty certain that girlfriend needs these in her life!

So cute. I want to do this in my daughter's room!

I just adore this and think it would be adorable in Ellie's room, I just need to work on the layout to see where I can fit it in!

Make some lovely Tissue Pom Poms for your daughter's room, a nursery or an upcoming wedding or shower with this step-by-step tutorial |

I already have some tissue poms on the ceiling above her bed but I think I really like the idea of them they need to come down anyways so I can paint the walls (and add some crown moulding if I can convince the hubs....)

Watercolor flowers with deer horn by GraphicSafari on Etsy

and to go along with a sense of whimsy I just love these antlers with the floral detail!


Earlier this week Ellie had her monthday and turned 26 months.  While I am no longer doing monthdates, I absolutely love having a monthly picture of her to see how she has grown and changed.  And just like last year I totes forgot to take an official photo in June and it makes me so sad.  A little update on Ellie since she turned two: words are coming out of her mouth like crazy, she "counts" to 10 and throws in some 'teens every now and again, can identify red and green but whenever asked a color she says "blue".  She climbs on everything and runs everywhere, I am convinced she doesn't know how to walk anymore!! She is actually eating Mac'n'Cheese now which is a relief since I used to make it for her per her request and she used to throw it all to the dogs.  She is obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and knows how to use the laptop.  I can't  believe how much she is growing and changing - it makes my heart so full because I enjoy every minute of it.


let see....I think that is all I've got for now!

Have a great weekend! I will be painting and weather permitting hosting our neighborhood potluck!

♥ Ashley

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  1. How fun that your husband gets the summers off! That would be sooo nice for Mike to be home that much! I can't wait to see your house! You have the same colors that we painted ours so I can't wait to compare :) Have a great weekend!! XO

  2. I'm loving your inspiration for Ellie's new room! :) I love a good home reno! Can't wait to see what the outside of the house looks like when it's done!

  3. Very cute new redo on Ellie's room - I love the color. And I can't wait to see the house. The gray look is so calming and rich looking. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Simple Moments.

  4. I can't wait to see the exterior! It's going to be so cute!

    Have you seen my big girl room ideas board? I've been dreaming up redoing Abigail's room and a shared room for the girls someday! So fun!

  5. Love the inspiration rooms! I have a major weakness for antlers and faux animal heads!! Yum for the s'mores- have you tried making them with Ritz crackers??

  6. I love those pinned rooms, I think the first one is my favorite! So calming! And I think bonfire Fridays sounds like a great plan! :)

  7. I'm so excited to see your girlie's room when it's done!!! <3

  8. Love the room ideas! So fun and whimsical. The pom poms are super fun and easy to make and those floral antler pictures are the best.

    Gray, I just love gray can't wait to see the before and after when you get it done :).


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