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{Travel Diaries} Disneyland 2015 - Day 4

On Day 4 we knew we were going to hit up Disneyland again because we had so much fun on our First Day and pretty much did all we could at California Adventure on day 3.  We got up a little earlier and were ready to go.  We had a big day ahead of us since we knew what we wanted to get accomplished!

When we first walked into the park we checked out the Princess meet and greet again but the line was hecka long and it was the same princesses as before.  So we headed back to Fantasyland and got on the tea cups.  This time we did it right and took two cups - much more comfortable.  Ellie had a blast in the cup with Nanny and Papa (the chewbeads helped as well) and we all enjoyed having some actual leg room.  Thomas and I took a fast cup while Ellies moved a bit slower.

After the tea cups we went straight to the Alice in Wonderland ride since it was less than 8 minute wait.  (I guess it turns out that this one gets pretty crazy...) It was probably one of Ellie's favorites and I think it was because it goes both inside and outside.  After that ride we went to ToonTown and rode on the Roger Rabit ride which there was no wait just a five minute walk through the line!! It was an okay ride but I don't think I need to go on it again.  We walked around ToonTown and Ellie got to run around, found out that both Minnie and Mickey were hanging out in their houses for Photo-Ops so we went into Minnie's house first.  We got to walk all through her house (of course Ellie loved the chairs in the kitchen) and we finally found Minnie out in her courtyard in the back. The video is on IG (@lifeonthefarm) and it is so funny.  We told Ellie to give Minnie a hug and she ran right passed her, Minnie waved bye bye, and then after we all called to her to turn around and come back she spotted Minnie and circled around for round two.  We were all dying laughing.

Then we were off to Mickey's house.  He met us right at the front door and Ellie found the love of her life.

I think they were made for each other!

After we took our pictures with Mickey we got to walk through his house and found a car outside.  Ellie jumped right in and started moving the steering wheel around!

Then we headed over to the fountain where you can stomp on the metal plates (I have no idea what you call them) and they make music.  We had to pull Ellie away because she had so much fun stomping on all of them!! she just kept running around the fountain and stomping on the plates!!  Thomas and I rode the mini roller coaster that was there and I totally forgot that it splashes you with water at one point!!

My favorite part of ToonTown was the little play ground they have for kids.  Its a perfectly safe place for them to run around and climb and blow some steam off!!  They even had a slide!! In actuality it wasn't very steep and Ellie barely moved down it...oh well she still enjoyed it enough to go for about 8 rounds!!  Afterwards we ran into Goofy and he fell in love with Ellie...Oh it was so sweet!

After much coaxing and finally just grabbing her and putting her in the stroller we got out of ToonTown. (I would say that was Ellie's favorite part this trip because it was quiet enough that she could run around like a crazy mad woman and we weren't worried of losing sight of her!)

We walked back through Fantasyland and went on Dumbo again.  While we were waiting in line we got to watch the Evil Queen from Snow White meet and greet with some kiddos and she is HILARIOUS!!! we couldn't wait to get done with the ride so I could get a picture with her.  Unfortunately she was gone by the time we were done...but Ellie and I had a selfie-thon during the ride.
all that drool from the chewbeads!!
silly faces

Then we headed to Adventureland and got our fast passes for Indiana Jones and took a ride on Pirates of the Caribbean again. We did some more looking around and went to the Haunted House again before it was time for Indiana.  We tag teamed Indiana and Nanny and Papa went first while we stayed with Ellie, then it was our turn. The last time I went on India Jones (back in the 90's when it first opened) I was running out the exit and fell down the stairs and sprained my ankle which resulted in us getting me a wheelchair.  Thankfully this time I made it out alright and injury free!!  The ride wasn't how I remembered it and I don't think I need to go on it again.  

We talked about how we wanted to take the train around the park so we headed to the main square and while I was getting Ellie's stroller put in the "parking lot" I saw Ariel walking by, with one little girl following her, so I scooped up Ellie and we went walking to see where Ariel was headed.  She just went around the corner and I couldn't believe our luck with waiting for just one girl before it was our turn.  I felt a little guilty that I didn't tell Thomas or his parents but when opportunity knocks you have to JUMP on it!!  It was just the sweetest and I am so glad that Ellie got to get a picture with my favorite princess!!  After our photos we headed up to the train and were lucky enough to beg the conductor to let us on right before they were leaving!  I think this was the first time I have been on the train and it was so fun!!  Definitely a must do.
We decided to get off in Tomorrowland so we could get fast passes for Space Mountain and then we were going to head back for a nap.  Nanny and Papa took Ellie ahead of us since there was a t-shirt we were hoping to get for her at the gift shop in Tomorrowland (yes most of the shops have the same stuff but there are certain items that can only be found in specific lands!) Unfortunately they were sold out of the smallest size so we had to get a child xs, at least she will be able to wear it for a while.  Then Thomas and I headed back towards the entrance and found his parents with Ellie on the curb waiting for the parade.  *I am not a parade person, I have been a participant in over 8 of them and they just aren't that interesting to me* I am so glad we stayed for it because Ellie had a total blast!! We got to see all of the princesses including Anna and Elsa (they opened the parade) and the music was right up Ellie's alley.  She danced and waved and ran around having so much fun!!  I got to sit in her stroller to watch the whole thing and she has a pretty comfortable stroller!!  So I think I might have changed my tune and will probably be attending a few more parades - for Ellie's sake of course!

Ellie also got to snack on some I need to get some at home for her!

After the parade we headed back to the hotel for some relaxation time.  Then we all went back for our Space Mountain fast pass and some more rides for Ellie. Then Thomas and I got a date in where we went on the Autopia...I was so irritated while we were in line. The guy sent about 8 of us to one parking spot and then the people pulling into the spot would't get out of the cars!! It was ridiculous.  Finally when it was our turn I was able to calm down.  Thomas took the gas pedal and I got to steer.  I did pretty good at the beginning but then after I hit the center rail about 5 times I lost count and stopped caring so much!  After our Autopia ride we ran to get some churros, the girl was just closing her truck and only had one whole one and a broken one so she gave us the broken one for free!! 2 for 1 churros?? YES PLEASE!!!

Then we had to run to the shops and get our final souvenirs, two mugs and an ornament. It was so hard to choose but I finally went with the Tinkerbell themed shoe, Little Mermaid I am looking at you next time!!!  Then we had to run down Main Street so we could get to the shuttle on time.  We got back to the hotel and had to do some bed shifting so we could all have a place to sleep.  We woke up early in the morning to get on the airport shuttle and then on the planes for our adventure home.  Ellie slept practically the whole way...Praise the Lord for my Ergo carrier.  It was by far the best thing we brought (aside from the stroller and the carseat that we didn't ever need to use....)

We had so much fun but still ran out of time to go on Tom Sawyer's Island or the Mark Twain Riverboat and also CritterCountry was closed so we didn't get to go on Splash Mountain and they were working on Peter at least we have some things to look forward to for next time...maybe next year??

Have you been to Disneyland? What is your favorite part?
♥ Ashley

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  1. So glad to hear you had such a wonderful trip! We're taking Mila to Disney World in November. Toon Town has been closed down there and I am so bummed. I know she would've loved it, just like Ellie did. The pic of her and Ariel is perfect!

  2. let's plan to go together next year, mmmkay? :)

  3. Looks like such a fun day! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that photo of her with Ariel! It's my fav princess too and it used to be Callie's!


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