Monday, February 29, 2016

Over the Weekend - Farewell February

First of all how can tomorrow be March? I'm so glad for our extra day today!! Haha 
We had quite the weekend and I was working on my recovery.  I shared on Saturday (what a post on Saturday? I know I know) that Ellie and I might have had a little too much fun on Friday....

But for a quick recap, I had signed Ellie up for another Gymnastics class at the Y so we went on Friday only to learn that it was their break week and there was no class...Thankfully they let us play around all by ourselves for about 20 minutes!!  Then off to Ice Skating we went because we had some extra time before nap...and that's when my back started to hurt.  

After Ice Skating we went home for a nap and I went out to work on the farm when one of the goats escaped and I had to chase her around. I finally caught her and picked her up which then really did it to my back and I could hardly walk without shooting pains...Ooops.  But in true Ashley form I still wanted to go out to MOD Pizza for dinner and walk around Target for a bit.  When we got home and got Ellie to bed I was able to just sit, relax and binge watch on the most awaited show on Netflix:

Yep I am a fan and I am not ashamed!! I only made it through 7 episodes because it was starting to get a little too late....

In the morning Ellie insisted on bringing the stool around for her "peet" er feet while watching her morning showing of Cars!

Not sure how comfortable it was but girlfriend sure is cute. What a crack up!

Then Thomas took her out to do farm chores and to run around.  She mentioned to him she wanted to dig in the dirt and look for worms so they went around front to our vegetable garden and got to work.  I saw them out the window and just had to come be a part of it.  I made a SnapChat account (@alifeonthefarm) and did my first snap with Ellie searching for worms!! too cute!

My back started to get really irritated so I had to go back inside to use more Green Heat on my back and take some pain killers.

If you know me then you know I can only "convalesce" for so long before I get I took advantage of my stationary self and applied the wall decals in Ellie's room:

I got these several months ago from Zulily and I love them so much.  The flowers were much bigger than I anticipated but they work perfectly in this little corner!

Part of the reason it has taken me so long is that I am lazy but also because I was debating if I wanted to do a grid or a random pattern...I chose random and I think it turned out pretty good!!

But then someone had some indy time in her room and so this happened...little stinker

She certainly had a lot of fun peeling them off the wall....

Later we started some laundry and so I got out all of Ellie's newborn and 0-3 month them washed up and then chose a few to take to the hospital with us.... I snapped about it - again.
We are just about 5 weeks from the due date so really we could get a call and she could be here any time!!! Eek I can't believe how close we are.
It looks like a lot of clothes but when you're adopting you never know how long you will be there and since we will be driving across the state we are going to need a few changes of clothes.  I just about melted getting all of the baby clothes out and remembering them all on Ellie!!  I had to make sure to pack the onesies that we had for Ellie in hospital because how cute?!! We aren't quite sure how big she will be so I brought some preemie sizes, newborn and 0-3 month.  I also threw in a couple of hats because I am not too fond of the hospital ones and I chose three different options for what she is going to "wear home" on the far right.  I also found Ellie newborn mittens so she won't scratch her face with those razorsharp newborn nails!!  Anything else I am missing??

And then I sat down and made a list of what we still need "to do" to the nursery...

Wow, once I wrote it all down I guess I have a lot more work to do than I thought! I already got the doors and baseboard primed so I just need to get those painted (hopefully today) and then I can work on the door frames and wall paint touch up!

So that was our weekend!!

♥ Ashley

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  1. Ashley, you look super organized! Good for you. Go Mom! ;)

    And, I watched episode one this weekend of Fuller House and it brought back great memories.

  2. I loved seeing Ellie on snap! About killed me with cuteness!!

    And I legit lol'ed at her peeling off her wall decals. Hahahahaha

  3. That is too funny that she peeled off the wall decals. Can't leave em alone for two seconds.
    Love all the tiny clothing!!

  4. Haha I'm laughing out loud at the wall decals! I'm so excited for you guys :) Can't wait to meet your newest little blessing!


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