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What's Up Wednesday - the February Edition

So here's the funny story, I have been taking a bit of a blogging break because I just don't feel too motivated to write anything.  In all honesty it really makes me sad because I absolutely adore this community and the relationships I have built through them...but truth be told, blogging takes up a great deal of time.  I guess that isn't too funny of a story, so lets get some humor in it shall we?  I was thinking to myself "hey tomorrow is Wednesday, I should write a What's Up Wednesday post, and then I came to the realization that it is actually the last Wednesday of the month so I probably should write one!" Okay that wasn't very funny just more of an aha moment that I thought I would share.

So I thought I would link up for What's Up Wednesday and see if that will help to get my writing creative juices going!! fingers crossed.

What We're Eating This Week:
We have actually been pretty good about coming up with a meal plan each week and I have to say that I absolutely love it.  Although the days where we have a "DIY" or "OUT" sometimes throw us for a loop, but we also have switched things up a bit. 

This week, we already scratched Tuesday and moved it to Wednesday and got Subway instead...the reason is I forgot to thaw out the steak for the soup (I hope it will be ready for today!)  Nothing new or too exciting and in case you're wondering CFP stands for Cornflake Potatoes and I promise that I will document and share the recipe soon!!

What I'm Reminiscing About:
If you follow me on IG (@lifeonthefarm) then you know we went back to Disneyland again!! (our third trip)  We had way too much fun and I cannot get the images of Ellie having so much fun out of my head!! I am so grateful for all the photos and videos we took while we were there so we can go back and relive those moments.  One of our favorite moments was meeting Kylo Ren.  He was perfection and Ellie was in heaven (she also chose him as her "valentines date" at Target...) so I guess you can say we are on the #darkside haha!

What I'm Loving:
Ellie's toddler room!!!  I still have yet to write a post about transitioning her from her crib to her full size big girl bed...but that is probably because there really isn't much to tell.  We moved her in back in the middle of August and it has been the best decision yet.  She didn't freak out, slept totally great the first couple of nights.  Then she fell out so we went to Target and picked up a pool noodle and it has done the trick.  She doesn't always sleep through the night but since the bed is so roomy we just climb in with her and then we sleep great until the morning!!

I think with all rooms in our homes this one is a work in progress...but I am just loving it in each stage!!  So here is what it looks like today.  What I am loving most is the new rug I picked up at Target while taking advantage of their 20% off sale this last weekend, I also ordered it through Ebates to get cashback and was able to pick it up in store! I love that about Target!  Let me tell you that it is so soft and both Ellie and I cannot stop laying on it! I also did some rearranging and moving things around.  We got her closet "organized" a couple of weekends ago and now there is so much more room in there.  I have been wanting to get rid of the ikea bookshelf that was in her room since August and finally moved all the books in it into her closet and moved it out of her room.  I replaced it with a nightstand we got at TJMaxx many years ago and it makes her room look so much more grown up!  Additionally I moved the sheepskin into her Teepee and it looks much more authentic now.  The major things I still want/need to do is finish up her curtains, apply her wall decals (gold dots), hang up her gilded goat head, and figure out a gallery wall...please help!!!

I also grabbed this rug for #2's nursery and I cannot wait for it to arrive!  I think it is going to tie everything in perfectly!!

What We've Been Up To:
Like I mentioned above, we went to Disneyland and had the best time!  Ellie got to go on all her favorite rides and see her favorite characters.  We even got to do a few new things like: Goofy's Sky School, the Pixar Play Parade, Mickey's Magical Map and For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing Along!

What I'm Dreading:
I don't know if I really have anything that I am dreading...although if we want to go to the "negative", if I hadn't had my fifth miscarriage this last summer I would be 39 weeks pregnant, my due date was March 1 and I have a feeling I will be a bit sad when it comes.

What I'm Working On:
Getting #2's room organized, decorated and ready for her arrival!! I finally got the motivation to take the closet doors off their hinges and out into the garage to paint them, they are both currently primed and waiting their first coat of's nothing major, just painting over the 1989 faux oak to the same white that is all throughout our house.  I am also thinking I might continue with the priming and white with the baseboard in her room!  So hopefully I will get that done this week and I can do some touch up painting on the walls.  Once that's done I think it's just bringing in the furniture, figuring out the layout and getting the decor sorted out and up!!! 

What I'm Excited About:
That hopefully we will be bringing our sweet baby girl #2 home in March!! I can't believe that we are already this close to meeting her and becoming a family of four!! This process has been so much easier than it was with Ellie, but I think that's just because we have already experienced Adoption.  Regardless we are just so thrilled that we have been matched and are blessed with another daughter!! 

What I'm Watching/Reading:
I don't really have much time to read that Ellie and I are home during her naps I have been using that time wisely well!  I try to do some of my self appointed chores and then relax with watching a show.  Though lately I have been painting so that hasn't left much time for tv watching.  What I am loving right now is Downton Abby, The Walking Dead, The Big Bang Theory, and all the Disney Movies!!  

When I do have a chance to sit down and read it is either a magazine (BHG or Martha Stewart) or blogs...I currently have about 60 posts to catch up on my Bloglovin Feed....sorry if you haven't heard from me in a while.

What I'm Listening To:
I recently found Pandora again and am loving to listen to it while in the bathroom or doing laundry.  My favorite stations are: Jewell Radio, *NSync Radio, 2000s Pop Radio and 90s Pop Radio...what can I say I live for the old music of my better yester years!!

What I'm Wearing:
At home I am rocking the sweat pants and t shirt, when I do go to work (at my church nursery) I will throw on some jeans or leggings and a "stylish" top.

What I'm Doing This Weekend:
I got Ellie signed up for both Toddler Gym (again) and Dance so we are excited for her first Dance Class on Saturday and I hope that it lives up to my expectations! Ellie absolutely loves going to gymnastics but has been asking to do Ballet ever since we went to the Nutcracker back in December!  I am hoping that she will get a little bit of an introductory in this class, though it's labeled "Creative Movement" so we shall see.  Other things we have planned are to hopefully go on a dump run (we still have all the left over flooring from when we replaced our floors back in November) work on the nursery a bit, and weather permitting some yard and garden work!

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month:
Hopefully baby girl #2 will be born and an official member of our family!! 
Also March is my Birthday month! So there will be a whole mess of celebrating going on, I hope.  My birthday is on St. Patrick's Day (yes it's on that day every year) and I just love that so many people get decked out in green and celebrate my birthday for me!! haha  
One of my best friends is hosting a baby sprinkle for me and I couldn't be more pleased with the idea of it!
And Easter is happening in March this year! I love Easter but honestly I wish it could always be the second Sunday of just makes it so hard when Easter is so early (anyone else?) maybe it's a teacher thing.

What Else Is New:
Since I had my partial tubal back in July I have been experiencing some strong symptoms.  When I first brought them to my doctors attention she just waved them off saying that its because I was still recovering from the surgery, but here I am over 6 months post op and they haven't gotten any better.  Last month she conceded that maybe something might be wrong and had me go in for an US which showed nothing except for a cyst on my left ovary (I have had one there on many of my US but they keep changing at each one so they are not too concerned about it at this time).  Her only idea is to put me on BC to see if that will help to mellow out my symptoms.  Here's to hoping that I can finally get some relief from the pain, emotions, and exhaustion I have been experiencing...

Our bonus question for the month is...
What is your favorite Easter tradition? 
Ooooh this is a good one! My favorite Easter Tradition are the Easter Baskets left by the Easter Bunny!! I have learned the past two years though that it's a lot of work...sure wish I had the same Easter Bunny I grew up with (Momala, I love and miss you so much!!) I remember one year we actually got live bunny rabbits, I named mine Cara-Mel because he was a light brown color and so super sweet...I keep telling Thomas that our Easter Bunny should bring Ellie a bunny, but I don't think we are ready for that for a few more years....I know we live on a farm and really how difficult is it to have a bunny? Our answer is we have a Siberian Husky....that is all.

Hopefully this post has gotten me out of my funk and you will be hearing more from me in the near future...I can at least guarantee some more detailed posts about Disneyland!! 

♥ Ashley

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  1. So much going on! March is going to be an awesome month for you guys. I can't wait to hear more about that sweet baby girl. Ellie is going to be such a great big sister!

  2. March is my birthday month too. And I hate when Easter is early. Easter in April is always better. Easter not on my birthday is lame, but doesn't happen all that often anyway. March is going to be such a great month for you guys. It may start off a little sad but I think the rest will be so much better!

  3. Oh my goodness, that toddler room is SO precious! I hope you're able to get out of your funk because I love you in the blogging community! Are you planning on coming to the PNW bloggers meetup!?!?! I'd love to meet you! <3


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