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{Travel Diaries} Disneyland Fall 2015 - Day 4

I wanted to make sure to finish recapping our second trip to Disneyland before we left for our third trip ;)  In case you missed the first 3 days you can see them here, here, and here, and to check out our Disneyland Essentials here.

Day 4 started super early and we all donned our newest Disney attire.  Thomas and I got matching t-shirts that celebrated the Diamond Anniversary of the park.  They are super cool and transition from black/grayscale to color and has all the main characters on it! Ellie got the most adorable Minnie Mouse t-shirt with an original looking Minnie with a daisy on her hat!  And we had to document leaving our hotel room for our last day in Disney!

Once in the park and after we got our beloved coffee we headed into Tomorrowland and I got to walk right on into Star Tours.  I have to admit that I don't recall if I have ever been on this ride and I got to be in the front row!  And now that I have seen all the movies I was truly able to appreciate this ride.

While I was on Star Tours, Thomas and Ellie went onto Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters and the Astro Orbitor.  Then we met up together and walked on over to Autopia so that I could take a drive with Ellie.

After Ellie gave me whiplash we walked by Pixie Hollow and saw that it was a relatively short line so we jumped right in.  Ellie and I have watched all of the Tinkerbell movies together and it was so fun to see her world come to life.  

 can you spot my little Pixie below?

Ellie was mesmerized when we got into the meet and greet area and we became Pixie sized.

She was so shy during this meet and greet it was hilarious.

She barely said a word to Tinkerbell, but Tink was just the best with her and let her look around at all her lost things.  Once we left the Hollow, Ellie said "I want to see Tinkerbell again!!" 

Then we stopped off at the bathroom and girlfriend was having a little too much fun with her blanket.

Then over to Adventureland and Ellie and I got in line to meet Aladdin and Genie while Thomas waited in line for the Dole Whip.  We told them that we saw them the day before over in DCA for Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular at the Hyperion Theater and they did a fabulous job (truth be told Ellie only made it until Genie appeared) and they loved us for it.  Genie was hilarious and it was so great that Aladdin was there to be able to speak for him.  Out of all the characters we met on our trip this time I would have to say that this duo was my favorite.  They were both extremely engaging and the Genie stayed true to himself and wanted it to be all about him!  

Case and point: he kept photobombing our pictures....

Thomas made it just in time to see us interacting with these two goofballs and then we got to enjoy some delicious Dole Whips...that were melting faster than we could eat them - thanks to the obscenely hot SoCal weather...so to save our Dole Whips we were able to be the last group in for the Enchanted Tiki Room.  I am not sure if I have been to this attraction before...it was ok, but I think that once is enough for me - unless Ellie is insistent on some future trip.  Ellie enjoyed it for the most part, but was more into the Dole Whip than anything.

After we walked through Adventureland we headed over to Frontierland to see the Big Thunder Ranch before they closed it down for good.  We saw Woody and got to be his last group before he left for a break and thankfully he was camped out in the shade!

Then Ellie heard a rumor about there being some goats and we just had to go in.  She walked up to every goat to give them a pat, a hug and a kiss and tell them she loved them so much.

I am so glad that we finally made it to the Ranch.  The goats were absolutely adorable and my heart is so sad that they are no longer at the park...

Then it was inside the little house they had there (but first Ellie tried climbing the fence to get into the cow pen...) and Ellie saw both the piano to play and the Pumpkin Head lady - of which she nearly pulled her hand off....oops!

We stopped for lunch and I was craving some Gumbo so I got a bowl from Royal Street Veranda and it didn't come close to the deliciousness I had at the Blue Bayou back in February of 2015.  Thomas got a burger at the Hungry Bear Restaurant in Critter Country while Ellie enjoyed dumping a cup of ice water on her head...girlfriend I don't blame you with the heat we were experiencing (note the girl at the table in the background)

It was getting close to Ellie's nap time (and it was starting to get way too hot and crowded) so we headed back towards our hotel for a break.  We enjoyed the a/c of our room and rested up a bit.

After a couple hours and Ellie's restlessness we headed back to the park, over to DCA this time and we got to see Tow Mater in Cars Land!!  Ellie was super excited to see her favorite character from the movies.

I don't have any more photo of the rest of our afternoon but we enjoyed some more time in Cars Land and Thomas and Ellie took another spin around Mater's Junkyard Jamboree, while I spent some time in the restroom - thanks to my gumbo being disagreeable... We then headed over to The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel's Undersea Adventure and stopped in some of the shops.  And I was slowly starting to feel better!

After the crowd died down in Disneyland we headed that way and then realized that we had lost one of Ellie's moccasins...it must have fallen out of the stroller in Cars Land since that was the last time we had messed with the storage compartment.  So while Thomas took Ellie on Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters I headed out of the park and to their Lost and Found department.  It hadn't been turned in yet but they took all of my information so that they could mail it to us (for free) if it turned up.  When I was done with the lost and found I came back into the park and they had their evening parade going on "Paint the Night" and as with all parades the Main Street Square is just ridiculously crowded and its nearly impossible to navigate through there...especially when you are in a "hurry".  I finally met up with Thomas and Ellie in Tomorrowland and we walked over near "it's a small world" and Edelweiss Snacks to watch the Disneyland Forever fireworks show...and Ellie had already passed out in the stroller so she slept through the whole thing. **and let me tell you that this is a great spot to watch the fireworks without all the crowds**

After the fireworks were over we walked over to Dumbo for a ride and girlfriend slept through that as well...our sweet little trooper (why won't she sleep through things at home??)

Once we were off of Dumbo we noticed the Lunar Eclipse right over the top of the Matterhorn and had to take a few photos...I mean look at that placement (and how crazy long the line is for Peter Pan!!)!!

We walked through Sleeping Beauty's Castle and got one last photo of it lit up in all it's 60th Anniversary Glory...

And a final stop at the Starbucks on Main Street USA for some milk for Ellie to have in the morning.  While we were waiting I got on one of the old phones and got to listen to a bunch of recorded gossip...it was entertaining and if you have time while visiting the park just listen for 5 minutes!!

And that was the end of our trip!! We headed back to the hotel to do some packing and then to sleep for our flight back home the following morning.

We got up and got on our shuttle that had to pick up a few more people at one of the Disneyland Resorts and then off to the airport.  While we were waiting in the TSA line Ellie had a massive pee and it leaked right through her diaper and her pants...so as soon as we were cleared through security we booked it to the bathroom for a quick outfit change.  And then it was time for coffee, thankfully our gate was right next to the Starbucks stand and we got Ellie her very own smoothie.

She loved it.

Then I thought I would try to document my outfit for flying...the most comfy top and jeans from my latest Stitch Fix!! Have you signed up already? If not please use my referral code here!!

Then it was time to get on the plane...and while lugging the carseat around the airport is such a pain, it is so nice to have Ellie all strapped in during the flights!

Have paci...will travel (oh and a little Sparky never hurt)

Then we finally arrived back in our home state and awaited for our ride to pick us up and take us home.

Ellie was so excited to show off her first pair of Mouse Ears!!

And that brings us to the end of our 2nd Disneyland vacation.  We had just the best time (even though we nearly died of the heat, lol) and Ellie cannot stop talking about Disneyland.  She loved riding on "the horsies" i.e. King Arthur's Carousel, Dumbo and the Teacups.

Until Next Time Disneyland!!

♥ Ashley

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  1. That looks like fun. We went to Disney World last year for Spring Break, and it was one of the best things our family has done. I wrote about it somewhere on my blog, haha.

  2. Another fun day! Pixie Hollow looks so cute - they didn't have that in Orlando. And what a pretty shot of the castle all lit up! Looking forward to hearing about your next trip!

  3. Stopping by from the linkup! It looks like you had a fantastic trip. We haven't taken our kids to Disney World yet. We have to do that soon!

  4. haha I was like wait you already recapped 4 days of your latest Disney trip!?! when was this one she looks so little! It's so fun to see Disney Land trips. Some is so similar and some is not. Love that they have lots of Pixies. We've met Tink but not her buddies. Too bad about that gumbo though.


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