Saturday, February 27, 2016

Six on Saturday

So I obviously missed the boat for the Five on Friday...which means I am going to go for a Six on Saturday.  I have a feeling I might be reaching to come up with Six things but let's make the best of it.

I live in the PNW, near Seattle to be exact which means that we get a lot of rain here...sorry CA friends!  Growing up our dirt had a lot of clay and I swear my parents watered the grass everyday, resulting in a wet lawn 24/7.  I was hard pressed to find a day in my life when I could sit out on the grass without getting a wet spot on my clothes.  Never mind being able to have a picnic without a table and chairs!!  So when we were blessed with 4 days of beautiful weather this week (and practically 60 weather) I had to get out of my comfort zone and have a picnic with Ellie in our front yard.  She loved it.  I loved it.  And because our dirt on the farm holds absolutely no moisture we had a very dry picnic and I think I can do these more often!!  I mean really, when have we ever been able to have a picnic outside in the middle of February in Seattle??

We recently joined the local YMCA, actually we meaning Ellie and we can sign her up for all sorts of activities: actually only gymnastics, swimming, and dance.  But those are the activities I have been looking for for her.  Well I signed her up for gymnastics again and went to class yesterday...only it was their break week and we actually didn't have gymnastics class.  Thankfully the coach was super nice and let Ellie run around and have her own private gymnastics "lesson".  We jumped on the trampoline, worked on her forward rolls, jumped onto the bar to hang, and practiced spinning on the rings...I was even able to get her to walk on the balance beam!   The coach loved how brave and small she is and says she is going to keep an eye out for her!  I also learned that when Ellie turns 3 she will get to be in a more structured gymnastics class - I cannot wait for MAY!!!

Since I totally screwed up on the class time for gymnastics, I decided that I would take Ellie to the Ice Skating rink....since she tells me she wants to go Ice Skating every time Adele's Hello song comes on (I guess that song was playing the last time we went??).  There was an older lady there (probably 50+) who still has it going on and Ellie was completely mesmerised with her skills.  She came over and gave me some tips on how to get Ellie to balance and skate on her the end of our skating time Ellie was skating around chasing after a cone and picking it up all on her own!!  I have absolutely no pictures as it was just the two of us and I had to be nearby with both hands at the ready to help her if she started to fall.  But holy heck I am so impressed with her bravery!!

We were walking through the garage the other day and girlfriend found an old plastic hand shovel.  She then insisted on taking it out to the garden to dig around for some worms.  I don't always like touching worms, but once my hands get dirty all my fears go away and I may as well just roll in the dirt.  It's kind of like swimming...once my hair gets wet I am all in! haha  So requesting to go out in the dirt has been a daily question since then and lucky for Ellie she has an awesome Dada who will take her out and let her get dirty!

BIG NEWS!!! I finally got on SnapChat!!!  You can follow along @alifeonthefarm I am on a learning curve and have only snapped one chat? Is that even the lingo? I have no idea but I think this is something that I can get into.  I would love to follow along on your story so please leave your handle in the comments and we can be friends!!

I hurt my back and its so lame.  I am not as young as I once was and its bad news bears.  It all started at gymnastics with Ellie yesterday.  I thought it would be fun to do some forward rolls, jump on the trampoline and do a cartwheel or two.  Then we went ice skating where I had to be in the most compromising position to keep the babe upright.  After she went down for her nap I took advantage of the sun before the rain was due to come in a couple hours and put the goats away to let my big horse out in the pasture while I scooped some poop.  After 3 back breaking wheelbarrows I look out to see that one of the goats escaped (and my horse will trample them without remorse) so I proceeded to chase the little bugger to no avail - they have 4 legs to turn around on and its just not fair!!! I finally found my brains and just caught the horse to put her away.  Then I got to some real business and finally caught the damn goat and tossed her into her pen.  I no longer turned around to find that another goat had escaped...I was done and my back was killing me!!  Now I can barely stand up - let alone walk around so I am posted on the couch, taking some pain killers, and utilizing my green heat.  Have y'all ever heard of these things before?  They are reusable heating pads and seriously awesome.  I got mine at the County Fair a few years ago and they are just as awesome!!

So there you have it!! My 6 on Saturday and I actually didn't even have to reach!!! haha

Happy Weekend Y'all!!

♥ Ashley


  1. I have been on Snapchat for a few months and I still dont get it, like at all lol. I wish I was brave enough to touch a worm.

  2. I have been on Snapchat for a few months and I still dont get it, like at all lol. I wish I was brave enough to touch a worm.

  3. I don't get snap chat either and btw is that a vintage washing machine in your back yard? I want one so bad lol.


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