Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Ellie of Motunui - Ellie's 4th Birthday Party

Somehow it's already September and I just realized that I never shared Ellie's Moana Birthday party on here.  Better late than never I always say.

I had so much fun gathering inspiration and decor for this party.  It totally helped that Moana was a big deal this year so that I was able to get a lot of supplies that fit the theme.  I started my search out on Etsy for the invites and I love what I was able to find!  I was able to print them out at home which was the way to go!

Then I took my creative side to my chalkboards and went to town getting them in the theme for my big girls party.

I have a peony that has been dubbed "Ellie's Peony" because it bloomed for the very first time the year she was born, and now it blooms every year around her birthday...thankfully it finally decided to bloom the day of her party!

As for the food I kept things fairly simple and tried to serve some of Ellie's favorites.  We had rice crispy treats, sugar cookies, potato chips, fruit salad, sandwiches from Jimmy Johns, a cheese and cracker plate and my favorite: donut holes that we picked up at our local donut shop that morning. I got the napkins, plates and silverware from Amazon and then the table decor mostly came from Target and Party City.  I loved using Ellie's Moana toys for the decor...it made things so simple and then Thomas printed out signs with some key phrases from the movie.

The guest bathroom even got into the party spirit and boasted a peony bud from Ellie's Peony.

Party favors were lei's and flower tattoos.

One of the highlighted pieces of decor was the poster of Ellie with Moana at Disneyland.  She was so excited to meet Moana (somehow we managed to be first in line) and talked her up about Heihei, Pua, and was very concerned about Maui's whereabouts.  I got the poster printed at my local Walgreens and learned that they print posters on a different printer that doesn't have as vibrant of colors...now I know.

Posing with our girl before the party started!

We managed to have a beautiful day for Ellie's party complete with over 85* weather.  So we had our doors open and our guests moved around from inside to outside.  We had Moana playing on the TV to act as some sort of entertainment and then we also had a Pinata set up for all the kids to take a whack at.  I have to say that this party was the most fun so far because Ellie invited her ballet friends to attend and getting to see her partying with her friends was priceless.

Girlfriend received a ton of gifts and she loved every single one of them but the best present came from Nanny and Papa: a play cleaning set - once the presents were done she got that thing opened and cleaned up our entire deck!! (it's still a popular present)  She also got an Elena of Avalor dress that she insists on wearing at least once a week.

All of the boy cousins were able to make it out so we made sure to get a picture of us all (great Father's Day present for my dad too).

We didn't get a picture of Ellie's cake, which is so sad because it was the best.  She picked out an Ice Cream Cake that we had decorated with a beach theme and then plopped on some of her Moana figures and then she got to have a sparkler candle that everyone was so impressed with!

Overall we had a total blast celebrating our 4 year old...despite the heat and I'm looking forward to what 4 brings with this sweet girl.

♥ Ashley 


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