Friday, September 8, 2017

Fall Fashion Love

I didn't really mention it here on the blog but we just recently got home from a 14 day trip through Europe!! We went on a Baltic Sea Cruise with my dad (and the girls) and had the chance to visit 6 different countries!  It was a fabulous trip and I can't wait to share details about it in the coming weeks.

I wanted to officially kick off September with some fashion finds I purchased before we left on our trip and arrived while we were sailing on the high seas.  And if you know me then you know my eye always gravitates to green - give me all the green I say!!  While a true bright jewel tone kelly green is my favorite I can't help but love all the Olive's and Avocado's that are making an appearance this fall.  I curated my very own "Stitch Fix" of sorts, I am only sending 1 item back and the pieces I got are all from JCP and much more affordable (plus I got some major cash back via ebates!!  I kind of need to start a wardrobe overhaul because not all of my clothes are fitting me anymore since I lost nearly 15 pounds (read about it here). 

Here are my Green Fall Finds:

First Item:

I've been in serious need of a new plain white t-shirt that doesn't break the bank because white + kids = disaster waiting to happen.  So when I scored this A.N.A. top for just under $4 how could I not?? I love the relaxed fit, the lightweight of the fabric and the v neck is just high enough I don't have to worry when I bend down to pick up my babes.  Not to mention its also longer in the back so I'm not self conscious for when I sit down with the girls on the floor.

Second Item:

I actually spotted this top in store as I was walking through to use the bathroom with my girls (yes I'm that kind of mom) and just knew that I was going to have to order it to try on when I got home.  As I was searching I found a second one, that you'll see later on in this post, and the color is spot on!  I have an affinity for button downs with roll tab sleeves and the fact that this one has a traditional collar was just calling to me. I knew it was a winner the minute I put it on.  The fabric is a little heavier which I think helps it to fall more nicely as well as gives the top more structure.  The color is called Rich Avocado and its the perfect neutral.

Third Item:

When it comes to fall I am all about the sweaters but I don't like to get overheated.  When I saw how lightweight this one was and it came with a patterned under-layer attached I just had to give it a try.  I'm a shortie and I was so happy that they offered this sweater in a Petite size so I knew it would be a better fit on me.  The sleeves are teeny bit tight at the wrist...but that's because I like my sleeves pushed up and overall I'd say this one fits pretty well.  It still looks to be fairly slimming despite the loose under-layer and the detailing on the sweater itself really adds to the whole overall look.  Honestly I can't wait for the weather to cool down here a little bit in the PNW (and all the smoke to go away) so that I can start wearing this beauty one the weekly ;)

Fourth Item:

I wavered with this shirt but ultimately decided that I liked the one above better.  This shirt has more of a "silk" type of fabric which wrinkles easily (obvi) and it just didn't lay right on my body.  The color Rich Avocado was the right shade and it was a super comfortable top to wear.  But I had both sent to me so I could decide in person which one I wanted to keep.  Aside from the wrinkling the fit on this one was just a bit off, it was a bit wider in the body so when I raised my hands or moved my arms around it just wasn't very flattering and I looked like I was wearing a tent.  So back this one goes to the store.

Fifth Item:

When I saw this online I couldn't get it into my shopping cart fast enough!!  I mean it has just about everything a girl wants: flutter sleeves, stripes, floral/lace, and it's green!! I mean really what more could I ask for?  I am so happy that it actually fit well and I've already worn it on repeat since arriving back home from our vacay.  Also I get comments on it each time - that's when you know you have yourself a winner!!!  The fit is great, the stripes are super subtle, the lace detailing on the yoke is to die for adorable (and its all stitched on so you don't have to worry about it flapping) and the flutter sleeves are delicate and flattering.  They actually have it in another color and I'm pretty close to grabbing it as well....I mean when you find a good thing you buy it in every color amiright??

So these are some items that I've recently added to my closet and I'm so excited to start wearing them!  Have you made any good purchases lately that I need to get in on?

♥ Ashley 


  1. Wow, you got a great deal on that white t-shirt. Happy Friday!

    1. I know, right? I couldn't believe that they still had it in my size!


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