Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving Getaway! (soup sunday)

We like to take advantage of our long weekend over Thanksgiving. This year we went to Whistler, BC with Thomas' parents. We had a fabulous time. It was snowing when we arrived on Friday. We had fun checking out the sites, shopping, seeing the mountain, and having dinner. We ate at Earls, it seems to be pretty popular over there. I had gnocchi and Thomas had a delicious burger; then for dessert I had my favorite Hot Gingerbread Cake a la mode - even the apples were pretty good. I guess that I would recommend this place, though I would check out other places to eat too.

Then on Saturday our plan was to go snowshoeing, but we got a late start and by the time we got to the rental place they were out of snowshoes. Onto Plan B; Deanna and I got to go shopping. Thomas and his brother searched the town for snow saucers, they found them at the hardware store and went back to the condo. On their way they noticed the hill on the driveway to the parking garage. They collected snow and made a jump at the bottom of the drive. Taking turns they pushed each other down the hill and tried to jump the jump. On our way back to the condo Deanna and I ran into the boys and we too took turns "sledding" down the hill. Surprisingly it was a lot of fun. I haven't done something "adventurous" like that in a while. We had burgers for lunch at Splitz, the best burger place in town. It was good. Kinda like a Subway but with burgers. I would recommend this place to eat. But you have to speak LOUDLY to the servers as they make up your burger with your toppings.

Saturday evening we went for a Horse Drawn Sleigh Ride. It was cold but SUPER fun!! We got to have hot chocolate in a shed, then back down the mountain. It was raining but the sleigh was covered and we had blankets.

Sunday it was raining again so we did a little bit of shopping, and went to the grocery store so that I could make Soup for Soup Sunday. I made the cheeseburger soup again as it is a pretty easy soup to make. We enjoyed it very much. So glad that I was able to keep the tradition going even though we were away. Deanna and I also were able to go and have a really nice 1 1/2 hour massage for only $60!!! I would totally recommend this place, I believe it was called Feelzgud. It was silly though because their reception was located downstairs in a cigar shop called Castro's Cigar Shop. You should check it out if you like massages!!

Monday we changed plans and went to Vancouver instead of staying yet another day in Whistler. We were kinda "Whistlered Out" and due to the rain there really wasn't much to do. We were hoping to go cross-country skiing but the trails were sloppy with puddles. So off to Vancouver with an "emergency" booking at the Century Plaza Hotel. We had a great stay. Thomas and I took his parents to our favorite Indian restaurant: India Bistro off of Davie Street. His parents enjoyed it. Deanna and I got to do some shopping on Monday and Tuesday. We got lots of ideas, and I picked up a really cute sweater at Zara. Spent lots of time in Chapters (their bookstore) and found a HomeSense in downtown Vancouver that we spent some time in.

Please enjoy the pictures.

Black Goat in Vancouver - we always have to document when we see something that relates to goats since they are so hard to find.

Our hotel room on the 29th floor in Century Plaza

It was super hot in our room.

The hospital right next to our hotel. They sponsor out the stars as a fundraiser. Super cool.

At India Bistro. Yum!

the wild car always parked somewhere in Vancouver.

We like to take walking pictures. I prefer the one below....Thomas likes the one above.

Paladin security...Paladin is the name of my Moms miniature horse!

Cheeseburger Soup in Whistler!

We all enjoyed it!!Deanna and I after our massage!!

I hope that you also had a great Holiday weekend.

♥ Ashley

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