Wednesday, October 2, 2013

[birthdays] Happy 5th Birthday Sakari

This little sweetheart, Sakari, is 5 years old today!! I still remember the day we picked her up. It was the Sunday after Thanksgiving (our first married Thanksgiving). We had done a lot of research and looking for just the right Husky. I had made a promise to Thomas 2 years earlier that I would get him a Husky (his fave dog breed) for our first Married Christmas - I think that's the reason he proposed (haha). 

She was just the cutest little thing all fluffy and floppy. All of our research proved to be good because she is THE BEST DOG EVER. So well behaved and really has the best personality. She loves everyone and has a great temperament. Especial for a husky.

So here's to you Sakari-bear. Happy Birthday Sweetheart. 

And in case you are wondering about her name. It is Inuit and actually means "sweet" and she definitely lives up to her namesake!


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