Monday, October 14, 2013

Our Weekend

No pictures for this post.

We had a great weekend, we are FINALLY starting to feel better and the weather was awesome!

Friday morning at 3:45AM Ellie decided to host a talk show in her bassinet.  She started out interviewing herself and then tried to include me in her show.  When I wouldn't respond she just answered for me and continued with her show like it was no big deal.  I wasn't trying to get up yet so I had to shut this talk show down, I put a "plug" in her (pacifier) and then cuddled her and she fell asleep for the rest of the night in my arms.

On Saturday we had our first meeting with Ellie's birth parents and brother.  They came all the way over from Spokane and we met with them at Applebee's.  My biggest fear for the whole get together was that Ellie was going to be afraid of them, if she was my heart would break!  Luckily girlfriend was on her best behavior and just the little charmer.  She got passed around the table so many times and they took LOTS of pictures of her.  I have to say that Applebee's is probably one of my least favorite spots to eat but we had a nice time.  I got a burger to eat and it was pretty good except it was a little dry.  The fries were delish as was the bacon.

One of the best parts of the meeting was getting to see Ellie "sitting" next to her brother and see how much the look alike.  They looked like twins on their birth days (we got to see a picture of him) and have very similar facial features.  We also learned that he had the faux hawk too when he was her age.  He is a total cutie patootie and gives me great hope that Ellie will continue to be adorable.

The meeting went great and it was fun to see Ellie's birth parent interact with her and to get to see them again and give them our eternal thanks.  I am sure that sometimes these meetings can be super awkward but God really gave us the couple to give us the best experience.

On Sunday, it was our week to volunteer in the Nursery at Church and since Thomas still wasn't feeling 100% he went up to the service and Ellie and I hung out in the nursery together.  There were two other babies (8 months and 13 months) and it was fun to see Ellie watching them.  The 8 month old was very interested in Ellie and tried to touch her face but then pulled her hand back at the last second and then Ellie started to cry!  Just a little whimper for about 15 seconds then she was good as new.  Ellie also loved showing off her new skill of being able to sit!  I was also able to get my Halloween decorations up in the house.  (now just waiting for the lawn to get mowed so I can put out the graveyard!)

How was your weekend?

♥ Ashley

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