Tuesday, October 8, 2013

{weekly update} week 20

Oh my how are we already at 20 weeks? That is just crazy! That is like half a pregnancy!!! Our sweet little girl has been such a joy to have this week and we are more and more in love with her every day. I am feeling so much better and enjoying all of the snuggles that I get to have with Little Miss E!!

Diet: Ellie is quite the eater she eats 6 ounces at most of her feedings. Still eating Similac sensitive formula. I think we will probably introduce some solid foods here in the next couple of weeks. Any recommendations on the first foods that we should try, aside from rice cereal?

Crying: Girlfriend is feeling so much better and really only cries when hungry or tired. However we did have a few frightful wake ups this week when she woke up crying but a bottle soothed her.

Sleep: Pie's sleeping has been a little off this week probably because she's recovering from being sick. We are back to a 1 o'clock waking in the morning with a feeding. I think that she will go back to her routine here in the next couple of days now that she is feeling better. But we are still looking at about six hour stretches of sleep! She might have been off too since I got sick, Thomas slept in the living room with her and then once I got better Thomas got sick so I've been sleeping in the living room with her. She is still in her bassinet "in our room". 

Social: Little Miss E didn't really get to venture out much this week since our whole house was sick. We did have to go and get hay for the horses and a part for a broken toilet so she joined us with that as well. Yesterday we did run to my dads office and to the store. She did not get to go to her Nanny's house because Nanny is also sick, boo.

Clothes: Ellie Faith is starting to grow out of her 0 to 3 months clothes so I'm going to have to get the next size up ready for her.

Baby Gear Love: EF is still in love with her Exersaucer and we got a walker for her. She is too short for the walker but really loves to play with the toys on the tray. She loves to lay in her crib watching her mobile and loves to play with her Oball rattle.

Milestones: Ellie can sit on her own for about 30 seconds before she need some assistance!  She also kicks and splashes when she takes her bath.

Mama: I am so happy to be feeling better so that I can hold and snuggle and cuddle my sweet baby girl. A little bit of a rough week emotionally but every time I look at this sweet little face I smile.

Dear sweet Ellie Faith I love you so much and you're just the cutest sweetest little baby and such a trooper.


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