Monday, October 21, 2013

{monthdate} five months!

Dear Ellie,

     You are such a joy to have in our life and we feel so blessed that God chose us to be your parents.  Our dream came true when you became our daughter.  It has been so much fun watching you grow and learn this past month and we know that that is just going to continue to be a highlight of our days!  Yesterday we had a faux celebration for your 5 Monthday with your Auntie, Uncles, Cousins, and G-parents.  You were so excited to have your monthday today that you woke up at 3 am to party with a 5 ounce bottle then back to sleep.  A couple hours later you got to come into the bed for snuggles for an hour before getting up for the day.

We have done some exciting things this month and you are just loving life!!

You had your first fever and visit to the doctor for an "un-well" baby check and broke the tongue depressor.  We got to have lunch with your birth parents and brother.

You went to the pumpkin patch and had your first "solid" food of Rice Cereal and you liked it!

You started to sit on your own and blow bubbles, babble, and giggle.  You have also started the nasty teething process, but staying true to form you are a total trooper!!

Stats: No official stats as we don't have a 5 month appointment
Height: guessing around 25"
Weight: somewhere in the 15 pound range
Head: larger than 16"
Food: eating about 6 ounces at each feeding for about 24-28 ounces a day.
Diapers: size two. 
Clothes: 0-3 months are getting small so we are going to switch you up to the 3-6 month. 
Sleeping: pretty well through the night 7-10 hours. And then still has a few naps during the day. 
Cries: when hungry and sometimes when she is tired or unsettled or when her teeth are hurting.
Loves: eating, diaper changes, her crib mobile, holding her blankets, making funny faces, her exersaucer and walker, "talking" with us (or herself), blowing bubbles and SITTING. 
Hates: still not a big fan of getting her boogers out and being hungry.  She also doesn't like the taste of hand sanitizer on our fingers.

Mama's proudest moment:  Getting to watch her sit on her own for the first time.

Daddy's proudest moment: Watching Ellie sit on her own and play with her toes.

Oops of the month: Stellar parents this month no oops come to mind.

Things we are looking forward to: Ellie making progress towards crawling and talking. 

Sweet sweet Ellie Faith you are just the cutest baby and so happy.  Thank you for being such a good girl and filling our lives with so much love, joy, happiness, and laughter.

Mama and Daddy

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  1. She is so cute! That is great that she is sitting up by herself already!


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