Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Wow!! I cannot believe how "on top of it" I am.  I recorded our DITL this Monday and I am already posting it!! Allow me to toot my own horn for just a second.

Date: February 2, 2015
Ellie: age 20 months

I woke up at 6:25 and Thomas had already left for work.  Apparently he kissed me goodbye but I have no recollection - I must have been out of it.  I brushed my teeth (cannot stand morning mouth!) and then got my coffee.

6:30am:  I checked my email and learned that I won $75 to Minted!! I know exactly what I want to get and I am soo excited!  After reading through emails and responding I start reading blogs.

6:45am Ellie made a noise so I went to check the monitor but she was back to sleep already, so I resumed reading blogs.

7:45am Ellie is STILL sleeping, so I take a break from blogs to write out a "to-do list" and make our bed.  I figured that if I am going to expect Ellie to make her bed in a couple years I should probably make mine.  Thomas helps out on the weekends making the bed and I just love how it really helps me feel ready for the day.

7:50am Ellie is still sleeping so I go back to finishing up reading my blog roll.

8:05am Ellie finally wakes up and I can hear her saying "mama mama" so I go in to get her and as soon as I open the door she greets me with the biggest smile and says "HI" then signs for milk.  I get my kiss from her, we pet the puppies, brush her teeth and then its time for milk.  I set her up on the chair by the TV to watch an episode of Daniel Tiger so I can run out and feed the farm.  I also do a diaper change and we are in disposables because of a diaper rash - thank you blueberries.

Bathroom sneak peek

8:30am I start a load of laundry.  Does it every end? I don't mind the sorting, washing, drying and folding, its the putting away that is my least favorite part.....anyone else feel this way?

8:45am Daniel Tiger is over so Ellie decides to play for a bit - being dangerous on the slide and pushing around Bitty Baby. 

8:50am I check to see when the flower nursery opens so I can buy early bird tickets and it opens at 9am so I get us ready to go.

9:05am we are in the car and on our way.

9:25am we arrive at the nursery and I actually let Ellie walk around the gift shop (because all the shopping carts were wet)  I didn't get any photos because I was too busy keeping Ellie's hands off everything.  The ladies in the shop were totally charmed by Ellie and she was on her best behavior waving hi, saying hi, blowing kisses and being the little peach that she is.  We looked around the shop a little bit and Ellie fell in love with the mini Jelly Cat plush bunny and sheep (I know whats going in her Easter basket).  Then we bought our Early Bird tickets to the Flower and Garden Show. Then back in the car to go to work at the church.

9:50am we arrived at church and Ellie had a blast playing with all her friends and having her favorite snack plain Cheerios and Goldfish crackers.

11:30am we get back in the car to go home for lunch but we stop at the grocery store so I can get ingredients to make Strawberry Cake.

12:00 we make it home and I start making lunch (pasta), switch over the laundry, give Ellie her milk, and let the dogs out.

12:45pm we are finished with lunch so we clean up and get a fresh diaper on Ellie and then its time for her nap.

12:55pm Cooper hears something (the dryer) and feels the need to alert the authorities with his incredibly shrill bark, which wakes Ellie up (if she was even asleep), what a jerk! If I could I think I would remove his voice box!!

1:10 Ellie finally falls back asleep, I start watching a bit of tv and surf the internet.

1:30pm Its time to start my "chores", which is basically to finish up some painting in our bathroom.  I am loving how it is turning out and cannot wait to share it with y'all.

2:30pm Ellie starts making noises but isn't crying so I finish up the last coat I am working on.

2:45pm Ellie is UP and ready to get out of her crib.  She says "mama" when I open the door and plants a giant kiss on my face.  Just the best. I get her her milk and she gets to drink a little bit of it before we start her "chores".

2:55pm I let her watch another episode of Daniel Tiger while I fold laundry.

3:20pm Thomas should be home soon, but while I was folding laundry I cam across some items of Ellie's that she doesn't wear anymore and decide to photo them for my IG account @adoptioncloset which is one way I am hoping to fund raise for our next adoption.  If you don't see any items but you want to donate you can do so through our GoFundMe page!

3:35pm Thomas arrives home and I finish up posting sale items to IG.  I remember that I need to call my dad since I am supposed to be picking up his dog tonight and set up a time to meet.

3:50pm Thomas and I give a debrief about our days and I decide to finish up the "last" coat of paint on the door trim.  This project is taking a lot more time than I anticipated, but I know I am going to love the end result.

4:40pm I have to leave to go meet my dad!!! So I clean up and then get in the car.  Shoot I am out of gas so I stop to fill up for $2.05 a gallon!!! which is a steal in these parts, and then head up to Seattle to meet my dad.

6:00pm I finally arrive at my dad's house.  I help him figure out a few things on his computer and then we decide to go out for Chinese for dinner! My favorite place. We have a nice talk in the car and at dinner then we head back to his place.  I get all of his dog's stuff in the car, we are taking his dog because he is having a Pacemaker put in on Thursday, prayers please, and he will be out of commission for a couple of days.

7:30pm I get a text that Thomas already put Ellie to bed and she was sound asleep.

10:30pm I finally get home and get my dad's dog settled.  Then I get ready for bed and just as I am crawling in Ellie wakes up! I go in and try to settle her down but she isn't having it. So finally at 10:55 I bring her into our bed and she goes out like a light!

Though this wasn't a typical day I really do enjoy my "Monday's off".

♥ Ashley

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  1. Your day sounds a lot like mine! Minus the farm and bed sharing :p it's a good life :)

  2. I really enjoying reading how about other's lives. I know we don't live exciting lives but it's fun hearing about the day to day activities of other moms. Positive thoughts for your dad!

  3. Random... I don't think I ever noticed your green walls before - we have almost the exact same shade of green in our living room!

    Also, I feel you with the dog alerting the authorities thing. It never fails... Mila goes down for a nap, the mailman comes or someone walks by our house (god forbid), and the dog decides to go ape-shit. I love him to death but he tests my patience sometimes for sure!

    Sending good thoughts for your dad. Hope the procedure goes well and he recovers quickly!

  4. OMG, your baby girl is so cute! My toddler (though she insists on being called a baby) is 25 months, and she loves Daniel as well. My life saver when I need to squeeze in some house work. I don't mind folding the laundry-- I want it be done and out of my sight asap!

  5. I love hearing how others spend their day!! I need to do a day in the life post soon! I have been meaning to for awhile now!!

    Thanks again for linking up for the Saturday Spotlight! Xoxo

    Ps. Ellie is such a doll


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