Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hugs & Kisses

Y'all it started happening about two weeks ago. I remember reading about it and words can't do it justice. 

For a while now I ask Ellie for hugs and she says "squeeze" as she hugs hard and then gives kisses when asked as well (though not always willingly). 

Ellie has started giving kisses on her own. Oh my word it melts my mama heart. About a week ago I was holding her, as I often do, and the next thing I know she is giving my should kisses! Last week we took a quick stroll through HobbyLobby and as I'm looking at knobs for our bathroom vanity I feel something on my knuckle, I look over and girlfriend is kissing my hand. Last night I was sitting on the chair while she was playing and she can over to give my knee a kiss. 

It is hands down adorable and something I don't ever want to forget. Ellie started giving kisses all by herself at 20 months old. 

The hugs and kisses are just reserved for mama and dada, friends, babies, toys and stuffies are also happy recipients. 

What fun things have your toddlers been up to?

♥ Ashley 

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  1. That is so cute! My niece started blowing kisses a few months ago and it's the most adorable thing...I love it when she shows affection. It makes me so excited to be a mommy some day.

  2. SO sweet! Those are the little moments that you just never forget.

  3. Melt my heart!! This is one of the sweetest milestones! In the last few weeks Mia has finally reciprocated "luh yooooou" all on her own, without prompting. Gosh, it KILLS me dead. Sooooo sweet!

    1. for some reason your comment didn't come through to my email :/ I am just loving this milestone and seriously cannot wait for her to say "wuh woo" unprompted!! Happy Day Courtney!

  4. So adorable! Odette tries to blow kisses and they are the sweetest!!
    XO Kelly

  5. Oh my goodness it melts my heart just reading this! Sweet little Ellie!

  6. Sweet :) Enjoy each and all the kisses. I don't remember at what age my son, who is now 6 y.o. started to give kisses without needing a prompt, but I remember when he told me the first time "I love you".

    Alex - Funky Jungle

  7. Oh, I love this stage! So affectionate and sweet, before they get all mouthy and defiant. :) Kidding. It is a great age though. She is so cute!

  8. Oh so sweet!! This milestone is one of my favorites, the first time she says I love you unprompted will be the next best thing! She's such a sweet girl :)


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