Monday, February 2, 2015

Our Weekend

We had a great weekend filled with working on house projects, hanging with family and taxes. 

I finally decorated for Valentine's Day. I have taken their to of "simpler is better" when it comes to decor this year. So if I don't absolutely love it, it's staying in the box. No holiday would be complete without a drawing on my chalkboard pantry doors. 

And then the little touches of love around the house!

Friday night after I got off work I went out of my comfort zone to attend a MOPs game night. I was a little unsure of I would stay when I first arrived - since it was a bit slow to begin. But then once the games started playing I joined in on a game of pictionary with a group of ladies I had never met. At first our game was neck and neck but then my team pulled ahead and got the win! 

Saturday we made a Costco run then back home for Ellie's nap. Once she was up we headed over to my Inlaws to do our taxes (it's so easy to do yourself) and have dinner. Pizza for the win. We can always count on Ellie eating her fair share of pizza. 

We discussed our menu for the upcoming week. I have the pleasure of being home every night this week so we are going to get to have family dinners each day!!

Sunday we had a lazy morning (after we ran to Safeway to get our $2 Starbucks, thank you Just For You app) with chocolate chip pancakes and a couple episodes of Grim. Once Ellie went down for her nap I got to painting the last pantry door in our kitchen and the linen closet door in our master bath. Then it was time for the Super Bowl. Thomas parents came over and we visited for a bit then I went out in the garage to sand the baseboards to prep for more painting. While I was waiting for the paint to dry I would come out and visit and "watch" some of the game. Just before half time I took my big break and made dinner: chicken paillard and my MIL brought her cornflake potatoes. Once the food was ready we ate and watched Katie Perry's halftime performance and I went back to more painting. 

Oh and I took some photos of our gallery wall I've been working on in the hallway!

Ellie is ready to become a big sister and since getting pregnant isn't in the cards for us we are going to adopt again!  Our experience adopting Ellie was so positive that we are going through the same agency. Adoption isn't quite as expensive the second time around but since we exhausted most of our savings the first time around we are fundraising this time. Please go check out our GoFundMe page to donate to our adoption fund. Thank you so much for all your support!!

♥ Ashley

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  1. $2 starbucks? Bless it!

    I'm glad you stayed for your MOPS game night. I hope you can meet some great ladies to really connect with.

    Praying for your newest family member always.

  2. Good for you for staying for the MOPS game night! It's great to break out of the comfort zone every once in awhile. I really hope y'all have another positive adoption experience!

  3. Love the Valentines decorations and $2 Starbucks... it really is the little things.

  4. $2 Starbucks?! that would make my month! Your decorations r perfect bc they work for you! Love the chalk board art too!!

  5. I don't usually decorate for Valentine's Day, but you have inspired me! I especially like the LOVE blocks. Also every time I see your blog it makes me want to do a weekly menu... one of these days I'm actually going to do it!

  6. Cute decorations! We need to get our taxes done soon too. Way to be on top of it girl!
    XO Kelly

  7. Love the chalkboards. We are seriously lacking Valentine's Day decorations here. I need to get out to the store before the 14th is here and gone. ;-)

  8. Yum can't beat $2 Starbucks.
    and your Valentine's Day decorations are so cute, just here and there touches is lovely. I love the chalkboards as well and your gallery wall is beautiful!


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