Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Stitch #2

So I got my second fix in the mail this weekend.  I was getting all excited about it because I am loving what some other bloggers are getting in theirs! I so loved my last fix and was hoping for an even better one this time.

 I opened the box and immediately went to the style card to check out what was in my box.  I loved my sweet little note from my stylist, when I realized I had a new one....I was a little perturbed because I wasn't sure how great of a box this would be with a new stylist. On the style card were jeans, two tops, a cardigan, and a necklace. I knew for sure I was going to have to try all of these on before having any opinions....I was disappointed in this fix :(

andplusalso the lighting in my room is horrid

Just Black Dean Ankle Zip Skinny Jeans $78
GREAT, I have been on the search for a great pair of denim.  I loved the fit of the last pair but wasn't a fan of the distressing and holes everywhere.  This pair has a zipper at the ankle.  I am not quite sure what you are supposed to do with it.  If the jeans are too long you can't really roll them up (like I normally have to do) and won't the zipper be uncomfortable in boots? and see they are a bit long...slouchy ankles are in, right?

Market & Spruce Memphis Lace Overlay Knit Shirt $58
I need another grey clothing item like I need another hole in my head.  But the thing is...I love grey. I am all about grey lately: our bathroom is 3 shades of grey, I want our bedroom to be grey, eventually our home exterior will be grey (this summer!!) and I even mentioned that maybe we should paint Ellie's toddler room which Thomas replied - do we live in a black and white film??? So of course I have some love for this top. I love how its fitting me, soft and loose around the belly - gone are the days I loved them skintight clothes!, its a great length, super soft and a great fabric weight too.  The detail of the lace is just the right feminine touch. It's on the maybe list because $58 not so sure but with my $20 styling fee and a $5 off I might be able to go for $33. IDK.

Market & Spruce Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan $68
I have cardigans in every color in my closet, including two black ones.  So I don't think that another one is really needing to be in my life. At first I was all like HELL NO! I don't like the zipper detail or that it zips on the side (I know that's kinda "in" right now) but I had to try it on.  Its heavier than any of my other cardi's and actually falls nicely (despite my facial expression).

I like how it drapes in the front due to the cut of it.  The sleeves are a bit long on my 5' frame. I was iffy about it.  So I thought I would try it on with the other top.  It looked a little better.  Then I found the POCKETS!!! I love pockets and usually are the selling point for me.  So I started to consider this cardi.  But I had to zip it up first and you know what happened? 
The zipper gets all cock-eyed-katie on me and I can't even zip it up! (is this an omen?)
Finally after about a minute of wrestling with it I get the damn thing zipped and it looks even worse!!
Of course this photo sucks too...but I hate it.  Its going back just like I thought it would when I first saw it.

Kensie Jordan Floral Print Sleeveless Blouse $38
I have several Kensie items in my closet - back when they used to have a store in the mall I used to work at. So I am familiar with their funky fits and out of the box styles.  At first glance I figured this would probably the one item I would for sure keep. I liked the blousiness of it, it was light weight and I was "okay" with the blue floral.  I have A LOT of girly floral prints on my Pinterest board so I was really hoping for something along those lines...but nocando.  It was all fun and games until the bust/underarm seam was poking out all funny. Apparently this top was made for someone with boobs like Dolly Parton. It's something I cannot get over and putting the cardi over didn't make any improvements.  So this was another fail and is going back.

Rita Teardrop Bib Necklace $42
I have absolutely no idea how this thing even managed to get into my box.  When I filled out my profile, I specifically said NO jewelry. And then they send me something my 80 year old grandma would wear.  It's only saving grace is that it is Gold and Coral two of my favorite colors right now.  But this thing is BAD. I didn't even want to take it out of the box, let alone try it on - but sometimes these things surprise you.  Not this time.  It was even worse on. Sent Back as fast as I could get it in the return shipping bag!!
in the photo below you can see the weird bust seam poking out.  This outfit was a fail!

I know it sounds like I trashed this whole box, which basically I did.  I still have faith in Stitch Fix and know that each box will help them understand my style and ability to get out of my comfort zone more.  You have to fall before you can succeed, otherwise your success won't mean as much.  I am looking forward to my next Stitch Fix.  If you want to take a chance on it I highly recommend it.  You can sign up through my referral here and then I will get a nice little bonus on my next box!

Have you tried Stitch Fix? What do you think of mine?

♥ Ashley

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  1. Ugh, that sucks. I'm sorry you got such a crappy fix this time. I don't hate the grey shirt, but I do think it's overpriced. If you're like me, I feel like I might as well keep something if I'm spending the $20 fee. I'd probably keep the grey shirt.

  2. It sucks you hated your box, but this post made me chuckle. You were just so sassy. ;)

  3. Ugh, I hate when something I like goes sour. Hopefully your next fix is better. I don't think I've ever had the same stylist twice. I'm not sure if you have to request? When I sent my note of what I'm looking for, I addressed it to my last stylist since she really hit the mark. I once got a skirt - my first fix - and I, like your necklace, clearly said NO NO NO dresses/skirts/work attire (unless specifically requested for an event). I think the reason they included it was to show their range and get a better feel of what I thought to the tailoring, print, and style. Like maybe if I tried it, I'd be surprised and keep it. I've gotten accessories a few times, I actually kept them both times (a bracelet and a scarf), it might be an easy sell to them, like something a certain % of suckers like me add on - either to avoid the stylist fee, or because I like it and figure why not. Oh (sorry, writing a novel)... I have a pair of ankle zip skinnies, J Brand, I wear them the way I wear all my skinnies, I pull the ankle up to wear I want it, then fold extra denim down to right about the hem. That way it still appears to have a hem, instead of cuffing under, but the fabric is hidden (and no extra spending on tailoring!)

  4. You might not have liked any of your things but holy cow this post had me laughing out loud. You're a funny one.

  5. Ah man this stinks. I agree that necklace is terrible. I am NOT a jewelry wearer at all! I am the same exact way with gray. It is my favorite, my safety net. I love it in every way.

  6. Hahaha, I love it - not that you didn't like anything, but that I can totally relate! I've gotten four boxes and kept something every time JUST because I've already paid $20, and I figure I might as well get something for it, even though I have to pay MORE! I stopped my shipments for awhile but may try again in the fall...I feel like they don't listen to me too well, either...oh well. First world problems ;)


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