Friday, February 6, 2015

Oh hey there, it's Friday!

Friday how I love you so!  You bring so many good things with you, mostly the weekend and it is fantastic.
I have been a little under the weather since Wednesday (running a fever) but now I am starting to feel a bit better. I got an email that Ellie was featured on Yuen Lui FB page from her 18 month photo shoot back in December. Oh my word she is adorable. 


we are just about one week away from Valentines Day!  I haven't really been a big Vday fan but any chance I can get to decorate my house, I am on it!! I have a Valentines tree (actually two of them) and it has been so fun collecting ornaments over the years.  I am keeping it simple this year and not going crazy with holiday decor, just touches here and there.  What I am really hoping for this year on Valentines Day are some flowers from the man I love.  


Love languages.  Have you ever taken the test to find out what your love language is?  My top two are Words of Affirmation (one of the reason I live for your comments!) and Receiving Gifts (I mean really who doesn't like to get a little something something?) I think it really helps to know what your love language is and your partners so that you can be mindful of how you treat and show love to each other.  Its a super fun test, Thomas and I actually took it while we were engaged in our marriage class.  

T H R E E 

I have been working on getting out of my comfort zone this year, probably because I am being encouraged to do so through MOPs and theme this year is to "Be You, Bravely".  So I have started to let Ellie help out in the kitchen with baking some cookies and cakes.  It is out of my comfort zone because I don't like messes, so I'm sure if I train Ellie right she will be a fairly clean baker alongside me.  Another thing I have done is started more art project with Ellie: coloring and painting (gasp! talk about potential messy disaster!)  I am so pleased with her creativity and how she actually likes to be fairly clean - minus the crayon on the walls....

F O U R 

As the mom of 4 miscarriages and 5 years of battling Infertility, its a rocky rough road with lots of turns, bumps, and detours.  Its heartbreaking, emotional, trying, and all sorts of feelings there just aren't words for.  This season is incredibly hard since there seems to be a huge baby boom in the blogging world.  I know for at least three of these pregnant mama's the journey to pregnancy was nothing short of a miracle and I am so incredibly happy for their blessings.  I also know of at least four other bloggers (myself included) who are dreaming of the day we can make an announcement here on the blogosphere.  Of course I have to say congrats to the 3 mama bloggers I follow, who all had their babes on the same day this week! Finally Tawnya shared this post and YES! 


We are going to be crazy this weekend and head out to IKEA on a Saturday.  I have a few things that I am looking for for our bathroom.  I thought I was all done painting and then I took a closer look and see about 20 spots of green on the walls (which are now blue with painters tape) and then I looked at the window and realized that the damn windowsill is still that awful 1989 orange wood color!! So I see more sanding and painting in my weekend future.  Aside from the Ikea run and the things on my list the only other major thing we have left is to do the floors.  Once the tile is picked out and installed, I can get to caulking the baseboard and it will be "complete" whatever that means!

Happy Friday Y'all!

♥ Ashley

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  1. Happy Friday friend!! Hope you feel better soon! XO Kelly

  2. oh my goodnes.....Ellie is just too cute!!! I know what you mean about comfort zones and messes. I HATE messes. So poor Elin never gets to paint or do anything fun. I suppose she will let me have it therapy someday! :)

  3. AWW.. SHe is adorable ;) Happy Friday just found your blog love it!
    Chelsea @

  4. Glad your feeling better! Russ finally made the turn and is getting better too!

    I feel you on the messes to friend. I have had my huge share of struggles with this over the years but every time I get out of my comfort zone it is always worth it.

  5. Ellie is way too cute!!! We live in an older house and struggle with painting & repainting the disgusting walls too! Stepping out of your comfort zone certainly is anxiety provoking but it is sooooo amazing to get through it and see the awesome results. Like who would have ever realized the artistic side Ellie had? ;) P.S. I'm words of affirmation too!

  6. I know I should know this since I read your blog on the daily but how old is Ellie? She seems to be a lot more cooperate with these projects than my Jack (who is 2) would be. If the project was making a mess, he would be your guy.

  7. She is so stinkin cute! Love her face in that last shot.

  8. The love languages! My husband and I just recently did this, for kicks, and found that our order is basically the same, except for our #1s hahaha! I'm words of affirmation, and he's gifts. And the other's #1 is our #6! HA! Ooops a bit of a reverse :) But it is nice to know, so I can at least be intentional in giving him things he values!! Thanks for linking up with us at H54F!!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea


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