Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Our Easter Weekend 2015

Ya'll I can't believe that Easter has already come and gone!!  It is crazy how much quicker this year is going than last year!  I am pretty sure that Ellie had a blast this weekend. We haven't really talked too much about the Easter Bunny but we did do some practice egg hunts last week so she was familiar with the concept for Saturday.

We celebrate Easter on Saturday with Thomas family.  They have a tradition of making noodles (basically a homemade chicken noodle soup) that spans more than 4 generations!  In addition to the noodles we also have an egg hunt and this year it was just for the kiddos: Ellie and her two cousins.  It was so fun to spend time with family and celebrate the resurrection of our savior.  Ellie always has so much fun with her cousins and she does a pretty good job at keeping up with all their energy - we can also count on her sleeping pretty well that night!!

I think our practice egg hunts during the week really helped because girlfriend was a pro at finding her eggs and putting them in the basket.  I can tell that holidays are just going to get better and better with this little girl and we are so blessed to have her in our lives!

One thing that really helped her was carrying the basket around (or daddy carrying it for her!)  She loved putting the eggs in, then dumping them out, then putting them back in, rinse and repeat.  After the egg hunt the girls got their baskets from Nanny and Papa.  I don't think Ellie has ever seen that much candy before! and lucky for us she doesn't like it so we get to eat it all!!!

I absolutely loved Ellie's dress.  I got it back in July on a super clearance with extra % off at gymboree outlet and have been waiting ever since for her to wear it!!  We might get lucky and it fits next year (fingers crossed)

Then on Easter Sunday we got up, Ellie got her Easter basket and then we had a delicious breakfast of hashbrowns, recruiting eggs, and bacon.  We had a lazy morning with a few episodes of Daniel Tiger and then since the weather was so beautiful we went to a park!!

Those bunny ears!! and she loved the sheep.

I adore this feather headband, the colors just scream spring!!

First stop were the swings, Ellie loves to go HIGH and Fast!! squealing and giggling almost the whole time.

Then it was to the jungle gym.  I loved this one because there were hardly any open spots on the higher levels where Ellie could "walk off", always makes me so nervous - who designs playgrounds anyways?  But this one it pretty much toddler safe.

Showing off her climbing skills.

First time down a tunnel slide - didn't phase her one bit!!

Such a fun spinning wheel! she loved it.

After the playground we went to the botanical greenhouse in the park.  Of course the first thing she did when we walked it was pick a flower! oops....

Then she found the pond and tried to jump in!

After the park we went to my favorite grocery store Metropolitan Market and got some ingredients for dinner.  We had Lamb shoulder, asparagus with a garlic aioli, and a pea and quinoa salad.  It was so good!!  Total Martha Stewart recipe success.

How was your Easter?

♥ Ashley

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  1. Her dress is really cute! You sure did get a great deal last year. The practice Easter hunting was key for us too.

  2. That lamb and quinoa look delicious!! My kind of meal right there :) Ellie looks so cute in her bunny ears too! Glad to hear you had a great Easter weekend. XO

  3. Love this! That headband on Ellie? Perfection! I could not get Parker for the life of me to wear his bunny ears, boo! So happy Ellie was game for hers!

  4. she is adorable! Looks like she had a great weekend!

  5. Oh my goodness! She looks adorable!

  6. Ok, you're killing me with her cuteness!!! What a doll! Looks like you had a fabulous Easter!!

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