Friday, April 3, 2015

Hey Good Friday

I can't believe that its Easter weekend!  It always throws me through such a loop when Easter is so early in the month.  If I had things my way I would have Easter be like Thanksgiving, always on the 2nd Sunday of April.  We have been living this week up and are so enjoying the Springtime weather, time change, and hints of what is to come!!


We did the big ol' switcharoo this weekend. I was really hoping we could wait until at least her 2nd birthday, but she had other plans.  She does really well with just me in the car, but when we drive around as a family Ellie can be a little whiny, she loves herself some Dada!!  So far things have been going great and I love being able to see her sweet face when I turn around to look at her!!


I have had so much fun putting together Luella's Easter basket this year.  I know these were always so fun when I was growing up.  We try to not go too crazy on things like this so I focus on getting her little things that she would probably get anyways.  I think that as the years go on I will get more creative and build a better basket.  Not that there are any competitions or anything!!  The basket is actually one of the one's my mom used for us kids, no PBK over here. In this year's basket we are reusing the bunny ears from last year (because they are sooo cute), a handful of books (Bunny Rabbit Show, and a couple of Minnie Mouse spring themed books from a collection I found at TJMaxx), some bunny bubbles and bubble blower (also from last year at the Dollar Tree) a light up chick, some Easter stickers from the dollar spot at Target, and a pretty cool maze puzzle with buses, firetrucks, and police cars. The final item is the cutest little black sheep from Jellycat, seriously adorable!!  Here is what last year was like!!


I just love spring time and how fresh the season makes me feel.  I really do get the urge to do a lot of cleaning and to get outside more - gardening is my passion!!  But I also don't pass up a chance to decorate our home for the holidays.  So I thought that I would share some of our Easter/Spring decor around the house.  I finally got into the box of my moms Easter decorations I got from my parent's house after she passed away, and I absolutely love having her decor out - it's almost like she is still here with us!

I love our hutch and how it changes every year! It has been such a fun thing to decorate for each season.  I am thinking about painting it a new color, the black just seems a little harsh now....

My beloved buffet from my parents house.  I love the combination of my decor and my moms.  That owl vase though is one of my favorite vintage finds and the purple tulips from our visit to the tulip fields last week look gorgeous in it. 

No holiday is complete without chalkboards...

My mom's funny little bunny village...what a great find. 

And of course one of my every season trees, all the eggs please!

A fun little spring chick

my Minted cake stand looks great with the super cool Easter hat I found from my mom's stash

Our mantle is still rocking the "black" shamrock from my birthday and the blocks that started my obsession!!

That goat and those bunnies though!

here is a close up of another one of the Easter hats (oh and a newborn photo of Ellie!!)

Another every season tree dec'd out with all of my mom's ornaments!

another chalkboard design

Adding some spring into our kitchen

I am so in love with our chalkboard pantry doors.  By far one of the best DIY's I have done, it is so much fun to change up for the holidays and seasons.  I am in love with this little bunny, I wish I could keep him up for forever!!

Then into Ellie's room for a few touches of spring

Easter bunny trolls from back in the day, and a cute little sheep

a bunny garland from Target

and some more beautiful tulips from our visit to the fields!!

Hill Collection


We had so much fun at the Tulip festival.  I love taking out my big girl camera and making sure that we get a family photo now!! It may not be the best but I love us anyways!!  It is a fun family tradition and if you are wanting some other great Spring Date ideas click on over to this blog for all the deets!!


And in bathroom update news...we found some mirrors!! They were only $29 each at TJMaxx!! I can't wait to get them up this weekend!  I think that all we have left then are the floors and lighting and then it will be reveal time!!!  Of course if we are going to talk priorities, I would have to say that the floors are on the top of my list...the old yellowing laminate has got to go.  Not to mention its peeling up and away from the walls, seams, and around the shower!!

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  1. Such sweet Easter decor! And I love that your pantry doors are chalkboards!

  2. love the tulips...we have bluebonnets here is Texas ;)

  3. So much springtime fun here! Love it!! (: Have a beautiful Easter weekend!!
    xo - Brenda //

  4. So glad I'm not the only one who caved with the car seat flip early! It's pretty close to her birthday and I'm sure she loves being able to see you guys now :) Odette has been loving facing forward! Have a great Easter!!
    XO Kelly

  5. How awesome you have your moms decor for Easter! I have a few items my mom already passed down for other
    holidays and I love getting it out! Those trees with mini eggs on them are my fav! Great family photos from the tulip festival too! Happy Easter!

  6. Your seasonal trees with the colorful eggs and bunny ornaments are adorable! I would love to have something like that :)
    Love those chalkboard pantry doors!! Happy Easter :)

  7. It's nice to see those faces but gone are the days of sneaking in drive thru runs unbeknownst to them :p

    Way to go on the mirrors! I can't wait to see!


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