Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Five

I'm Friday again already?  This summer is seriously just flying by. We have been super busy and that is probably why I can't believe that its almost back to school time.  I love that we were so busy because we finally got a lot of things done on our to-do list and it feels SO GOOD!!!


Last week I mentioned that we have a few unfinished projects that we have been working on.  You can read more detail about them here.  I am in love with the color that we chose for our house and I feel so much happier pulling into the driveway now that I am no longer looking at a house that is "Peaches and Cream". The house is almost all the way painted, we just need to paint the eaves and then a few touch ups here and there. Thomas and his dad are making great headway on our deck expansion/makeover/covering.  As with many DIY's we have come across a few blips but I am confident that this will all come together and look great.  I can envision it now and its going to be so amazing to get to enjoy our outdoor space year round!  They are going to be working hard on it this weekend and fingers crossed they will get the roof on by Sunday!


Ellie's room is going to be a long process, I knew this and I am totes ok with it.  The walls are painted and I also painted her bedframe that I got for a song on craigslist.  We moved it into her room the other day and she is in love!!  I love it too and can't believe how lucky I got with that find considering similar options are insane.  She keeps talking about her bed and will run to her room and climb on all throughout the day and pretend to sleep.  She wants everyone to sleep in her bed and its just the best.  We are still working on her staying in her bed but I am not stressing about it.  She did fall out already but she is totally fine, so I am going to try the noodle trick and see if that helps.  I just love that she can have this bed for the next 16+ years.

So lets do a mid-makeover tour shall we?:

Looking in from the door.  I am thinking I want to paint the rocker (grey or white please help me choose!) and switch out the curtains...

Looking to the left, its a big bed (full size) and she loves to climb up on it and hide under her comforter (yes its a toddler size)

looking over towards her closet doors, I mean isn't that bed swoon-worthy?!

Looking out of the door, I still need to paint the baseboard....will it ever end?!!!

And finally the last wall.  I am at a total loss as to what to do with the walls.  I know that artwork and pictures are going up but I just don't know if I want to put up the pictures from her first year or go more the artwork route, what do you think?


I may have mentioned it on here before but I have made a career change and I am a Nanny.  Last year I worked for two families but one of them had some shifting around at her job and needed a full time option, so I have just been working 2 days a week this summer with my other family.  I have been looking for a new family to fill up my week and I got another job!! I am super excited about it - especially since I will be working for a Teacher, so I will get to have the benefits of a school schedule! Hooray!  Not only that but my new family is ok with me keeping my old family so I get to bring my 2 day a week kiddos with me.  Which means that I will be in charge of 5 kiddos twice a week and I couldn't be more happy about it.  The biggest blessing is that their homes are only about 4 minutes apart so that makes my commute super easy!  I am just so grateful for the blessing of my new career that I get to continue to contribute financially to our family but also have the perks of being with Ellie every day kind of like a SAHM!


Yesterday we headed up to Seattle to go to the Star Wars exhibit yesterday and it was so cool.  I actually got the tickets for Thomas birthday back in June but we had to keep rescheduling and finally yesterday worked!  I remember watching the original series back in elementary school and they were too long to keep my attention, I preferred this one which is HILARIOUS!  But then when Thomas, Ellie and I took our trip to Sun Peaks, BC we had the opportunity to "rent" all 6 episodes and I binge watched during Ellie's non-naps.  Needless to say I understand what all the fuss is about (it just took me about 22 years!)  Anyways this exhibit was so cool because it had almost all the costumes worn in the actual films along with lots of information about all the thought and work that went into creating them. It was so fascinating to learn all this because I never really gave it much thought other than the fact that Padme had a ton of outfits!  While we were in the exhibit the Fire Alarm went off so we had to exit prematurely, which actually was great because I was starving so we headed to the food court area and had ourselves a delicious MOD pizza and then went back to more Star Wars.  After we finished checking out Star Wars we looked around the EMP some more and then took Ellie to The Children's Museum so she could run around and have some fun.  I know that we will be taking her back there for sure since she had so much fun!  If you are ever in the area I recommend checking it out, it does cost $8.25 to get in but its well worth it.



Happy Friday Y'all, I wish you the best weekend!

♥ Ashley

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  1. Pretty! Love the curtains, and the rug! I can't tell exactly what color the cushion is on the rocker, but I would say light gray. And personally I like pictures for a gallery wall, but I'm sure whatever you choose will look great! Happy weekend!

  2. Sounds like your career change was a good move! Hope everything with it continues to go well!!

  3. I think a nice dacal would look lovely on the wall. :)

  4. You're making a lot of home progress! congrats on your new job!

  5. I think the rocker would be really pretty with a light gray paint. The room is coming along beautifully!! As far as the walls, I would probably do more artwork rather than photos of her... because you'll have a ton of those displayed around the house probably :) I found your blog on the TGIF Blog Hop, BTW.

  6. Congrats on your new gig! Loving Ellie's room so far - and her big girl bed, wow!! Loved MOD pizza while we were in Seattle - delicious and noisy enough to make up for a tired toddler, lol :)

  7. I'm so in love with that bed. I check CL for "Jenny lind" every single day but no hits yet.

    I vote artwork on her walls :)

  8. So awesome that you will have a school schedule! Um...I think white on the rocker? So torn though haha, I can see your dilema

  9. Congrats on the new nanny gig, that sounds awesome. Too bad we don't live closer, I was desperately seeking a part-time nanny for Ryder recently! But we were able to find a nanny share in our neighborhood that I think's going to work out great, luckily.

    I love Ellie's big girl room. For the blank wall, I am a big fan of those decals you can buy on Etsy... Like maybe a big tree or something? Just an idea! :-)


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