Friday, August 14, 2015

Unfinished Projects

I know that I can't be the only one who has all the motivation to start a project but then as the project continues my motivation wanes and progress slows, then I get ideas for a new project and begin that one, rinse and repeat.  The thing about this is that I have quite a few unfinished projects going on at the farm.

So here is a list of my unfinished projects:

1. Our Master Bath is kind of at a standstill at this point.  Here is a reminder of my Inspiration Board.  It is nearly finished and we have been living with it as is for about 4 months now.  All we really "need" to do to finish is replace the lighting and I am in love with these, pick out flooring and get it installed (because I STILL don't know what I want), and select knobs and pulls for the vanity (I am debating between satin nickel and a glass/crystal knob).  And then on my wishlist is a new counter top, sinks and faucets, but those really aren't necessary as we aren't planning on staying in our house for too much longer (5 years or so) and I can totally live without doing those three things.  I am really hoping that we will be able to at least get the lighting fixtures and hardware picked out before December!!

2. Ellie's bathroom still isn't completely finished...I know its been practically two years since I started this project.  This bathroom just needs some finishing touches; new lighting fixtures and I am all about the look of these in there, a new shower curtain, new towels, and then to change out the accessories to match the antique bronze of the lights.  So really none of this is necessary it will just give the room an updated look and get rid of the old 1989 feel.

3.  We are still painting our house.  We have to finish out the trim on the back.  Additionally we have to still paint the eaves which will probably be the most tedious part.  I am in LOVE with the color we chose and can't believe we waited so long to make this change - good thing though because I know I would not have chosen this color 5 years ago!  Part of the reason we have stalled in painting our house is we have started a new project...

4.  Expanding our deck (doubling the size) and building a roof/cover for it. Thomas and his dad started building the deck last weekend (on our anniversary) and finished that part.  I cannot believe what a difference it makes and how much bigger the deck is, it went from a 12x12 to a 24x12 and its just the best.  Once we get the roof structure up we will be painting that the same color as the trim on the house and then I just have to figure out a complementary stain color to go with the house.  I don't like the idea of painting the deck boards but I know they need some sort of sealant to remain waterproof/weatherproof.  I was thinking some sort of aged or weathered grey....but that might be too much grey at our house? NM you can never have too much grey!



5.  Ellie's toddler/big girl room!  I got it painted this past weekend (still need to do some touchups) and I love it so much.  I went with this color and oh my word it is perfect!  It is amazing what a can of paint can do to change up the whole look of a room.  So now I have to paint the bed frame, baseboards, touch up the paint on the doors, and then figure out the details: artwork, curtains and accessories.  I am so happy to be transitioning her out of the nursery and into a more sophisticated room.

what projects are you working on?

♥ Ashley

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  1. I see your house and the garage makes me so excited. Who knew that would be my number one priority when house shopping!

  2. Same! I'm in the middle of redecorating our master, the hall bath, master bath, and Abigail's room. All keep getting tiny changes but not enough of everything to call them finished. Oh well :p

  3. So many projects lady, that is awesome. I am currently sitting at ZERO! Aaaahhh so nice to be done for a while. That deck transformation is fantastic, great job!


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