Saturday, August 8, 2015

Seven - Wool

Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary to the Love of my Life, it has been 2,557 days since I said "I DO" and I will continue to say it for at least 50 more years!

It's hard to believe that just a short seven years ago I pledged my life to the love of my life.  The years have flown by and I am more in love with my man than I could have ever imagined.  Some say that you get the itch around 7 years and I am happy to report there is no itching happening around here!

I really hit the jack pot when it comes to husbands.  Thomas is the most caring, kind, funny, attentive, giving, supportive, devoted, and loyal man.  He is a hard worker and a solid supporter for our family.  We haven't had it easy during these first years of marriage; with job loss after job loss (on my part), battles with infertility, multiple pregnancy losses, and my mom passing away from brain cancer, but this man of mine is so strong and our marriage/relationship with each other has become so strengthened through these that we are deep in our marriage together and I really wouldn't want it any other way.

Additionally Thomas entertains me and my wild ideas for all the home improvements I have planned, even though he really dislikes painting he has painted over 85% of our home exterior and it makes my heart so happy.  While he may question why I feel the need to paint our bedroom for a third time, or that the bathroom decor just needs to go, he still supports me and will help me choose a color.  He is willing to try all my crazy food concoctions and even cleans up the messes for me.  He makes the perfect cup of coffee and is always willing to do so for me.  We totally take turns with changing Ellie's diaper and he is a full on teammate when it comes to raising her.  He is my brain when I lose mine about 60% of the time and always makes sure that I have my phone and Ellie's diaper bag is full and ready to go.  He doesn't mind being my chauffeur as I really hate driving and has been a huge supporter as I have gone through many infertility appointments and procedures.  He loves our daughter and is a huge proponent to our adopting to grow our family.  He takes great pride in all he does and I love him eternally.

If we chose to gift the traditional anniversary gifts to each other this year would be Wool.  But we aren't like that, so we go big or go home like a dishwasher, oven/range, camping trip, or this year we are building out our deck!! I can't wait for it to be completed and to really be able to enjoy our backyard oasis.

We usually take turns planning what to do for our anniversary, this is my year and I haven't figured it out yet...I know we will do dinner and Ellie will be a part of it for sure!!

♥ Ashley


  1. Happy anniversary! You guys have become such a beautiful little family. Sorry I had to cancel on Sunday (did you get my email?) I was super bummed but it was a good thing I kept Ryder home because he really wasn't feeling well. Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. What a beautiful post!! Happy belated Anniversary!!

  3. Congratulations on year #7! I forgot that our anniversaries are pretty close together we celebrate year #8 on Tuesday!

    I hope you guys had a great time celebrating.


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