Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Weekend - the one where we finished our deck (almost)

Happy Tuesday y'all!!

I just can't believe how fast this summer is going, something about August just means the time flies! 

On Friday our sweet babe had a monthday and turned 27 months. It's crazy how just a few months makes such a change in Ellie's growth and development. Her vocabulary has blossomed and she talks all the time. I can usually figure out what it is she is trying to say but there are still those times I just can't help her. Ellie also started a gymnastics class and she looks bed to hang from the rings and do somersaults. Her physical ability blows my mind on the daily. 

On Saturday, Thomas and his dad worked hard getting the roof framed up for our backyard makeover. First we doubled the size of the deck and now we are putting a roof on it. I can't wait for it to be all done and we can use the space year round!!

While the boys were working outside I was busy prepping sides for our Sunday Pita Party with one of my besties. Ellie and I also did a lot of playing together. 

On Sunday the boys finished putting up the roof and it looks so good. We are almost done with the transformation. We still have to paint the whole structure and stain the deck (have to choose a color of stain....) oh and also paint and put up the railing. Then our last step is to replace the original deck boards...but that won't be until next year.  We're also putting up our bistro lights and I love the ambiance they give!!!  Then my bestie and her new husband came over for dinner and we had a delicious Pita Party. Seriously Martha Stewart does not disappoint. 

And finally this is what our deck currently looks like at night!! I love me a fire and covered deck!!! #loveyourhome

♥ Ashley 


  1. Oh my goodness, the deck is fantastic!! You're going to enjoy that for so many years to come. I'm super jealous that Ellie is talking so much (even though I know my time will come). Ryder still isn't really saying anything other than Mommy and Daddy, but he babbles constantly and I can't wait until it's real words that I can understand!

  2. Ah! That deck is going to be such a dream to spend time making memories on! So fun!!

  3. Aw it looks great, congrats and job well done to the guys!

  4. I am totally crushing on your deck and thinking we should really cover our patio too. Russ built a BEAUTIFUL deck and pergola at his parents house last summer and I have wanted him to cover ours ever since.

    Great job Thomas! The hard work is totally going to be worth it.

  5. Super nice deck , and cute lil girl too!


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