Monday, September 12, 2016

That time Ellie went to Preschool

Seriously how did this happen?? If you would have talked to me two weeks ago I would have said that Ellie is going to stay home and I will probably home school her, which is still a possibilty.  But then we took one of our Nanny kids to his preschool meet and greet and Ellie kept saying she wanted to go to her school and meet her teacher! When they're ready, they're ready.

So, I had to scramble checking out all of the preschools in our area to see if they had any openings, met our needs/wants, and if they would be a good fit.  I had heard really good things about one of the preschools from my MOPs group a couple of years ago, so I was crossing my fingers.  We went to tour a couple of schools.  One of them was a Montessori school and while I thought that was the type of school I was interested in, when we toured it it just didn't feel right for my wild Ellie.  Thankfully, the preschool I had heard about had an opening and the owner was willing to meet me during her off hours!! We walked in and I fell in love...I guess it's a when you know you know type of situation.  Luckily for Ellie, she was insistent about attending school at the right time because we were able to sign up and get all the information needed to start school THIS WEEK!! and she wouldn't even miss a day.

So all my thoughts and ideas for how to prepare her for her first day of school flew out the window as we made our mad dash to the first day!

Ellie wore probably one of my favorite outfits but she vetoed the gold moccs in favor of her brand new kicks...Nike's (I don't even have a pair of Nikes!!) and I have to admit she looks darling in them.

We arrived at school a bit early (I know unheard of because I am always rushing) so we got to take some pictures and hang out together on the bench.  In everything she does...she loves Finnley.

Then it was time for "official" drop off, and her teacher gave me this sweet card. Which is extra adorable because that is actually Ellie's hand print from our visit just three days earlier.  I didn't read the poem until it was almost time to pick her up and y'all I came <> this close to tears...but refrained.

After the babe handed me her poem she gave me a wave and ran into school, saying "Bye Mom!!" There goes by big girl, "bye babe!"

Then Finnley and I got back in the car and headed to Starbucks so I could grab a PSL and a cakepop for Ellie to have after!  Then to church to work in the childcare and I kept checking my phone every 10 minutes...I have separation anxiety, aparently.  But it was a good thing because about 1 1/2 hours into her day I got a text from her teacher saying that Ellie was having a ton of fun and she sent a picture: 

my serious little artist!!

Then it was finally time for pick up...this may have been the longest 3 hours of my life ;) and look at my babe!! No tears, just a happy happy girl that she finally gets to go to school.

Once she got buckled in she exclaimed "I want a cake pop!!" I know my girl and her eyes lit up so big when I whipped one out right then and there!! We called Dada on the way home, since it was during his lunch, and had a great recap of the day.

I asked Ellie what she wanted for lunch and she said McDonald's so she could get Lightening McQueen Nuggets, so we pulled on in and had a date...with Finnley in tow.  It's a new McDonald's near our house and they bring your food out to your table!! I let Ellie sit at the table while I filled up our water cup and she grabbed the ranch dip sauce and gave it a squeeze.  Naturally it popped and she got ranch all over! Normally I would have freaked and wiped it off right away but since I wanted to "document" her first day I snapped a picture first

We enjoyed our McQueen Nuggets, Finnley had a bottle and we took some selfies.

This girl!! I love her so much.  I can't believe she is a Preschooler!! 
She loved it so much she wants to go back...which is a good thing because we are all signed up.

♥ Ashley


  1. Awesome! Go, Ellie! And go Mama, too :)

  2. Aaawwww so sweet! Marissa went to private pre-k too and loved it. Those were such fun times. Can't believe Ellie is this big!

  3. Aaawwww so sweet! Marissa went to private pre-k too and loved it. Those were such fun times. Can't believe Ellie is this big!


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