Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 24

24 weeks?? wait a minute how did that happen??  It's crazy to think that in just a couple more weeks my sweet babe will be a half a year old!  Sweet Finnley girl has been another dream baby this week, we have had our fair share of crying meltdowns but overall once she see's me or I pick her up the crying instantly stops!! It's crazy y'all, just plum crazy.

Week 24

Eats: like I mentioned last week, I am continuing on giving her green beans and I'll let you know something - she loves them now.  Like she keeps lunging at the spoon and just wants more and more.  We haven't introduced anything else new but I have some butternut squash that is calling her name and now that we are officially in Fall I think that I can go ahead and give that to her.  The Finn is still loving her bottle and is so much more animated about it now.  We have had 3 extra bottles in our drawer just hanging out because we didn't have any more level 2 nipples...well I finally decided to just open up and sanitize the 3 pack of level 3 nipples so that we could be using all of our bottles.  Feedings are going much faster (well for Finnley anyways, Ellie on the other hand takes about a day and a half to eat an apple slice...) now that is what I'm talking about.

(might have to retire those socks)

Sleeps: the babe is still sleeping in her room and let me tell you how much I love it.  I can't say that I am sleeping through the night because I find myself rolling over and taking a peek at what she's doing (sleeping FYI) and then it takes me a while to fall back to sleep.  I have also been working on getting her to nap with one arm out and it's been going pretty well.  Since we moved her into her room she hasn't been giving me the nearly 4 hour nap I was accustomed to but I think with so many changes and her age that is probably normal.  Hopefully she'll get back into that napping/sleeping sweetspot soon.

(channeling our Longhorn love)

Does: she SITS!! oh my word I am so excited that she is finally sitting.  She has gotten so much more comfortable about it too that she is even lifting up and moving her arms around.  This is a total game changer and a skill that I've been looking forward to for quite a while.  Pretty soon both girls will get to be in the shopping cart a Costco and that thought makes me smile.  She smiles and laughs and cries like a banshee. She melts our hearts and is such a sensitive little babe. 

Goes: no where new this week but we made some trips to the store, nursery (for my line of trees for privacy) out to Dim Sum, work, and home on the farm.  In my memory Ellie was so good and just being with us and going out with us all the time, Finnley has been a little bit more challenging but I think that we have turned the corner and she is a pleasant little pea to be out and about with.  She is much calmer and seriously falls asleep almost every time I put her in the Ergo.  We did head out to a mall because Ellie really wanted to go to the Disney Store.  We had switched cars and totally forgot to bring a carrier or stroller (#parentfail) but luckily Thomas had a backpack in the car so we improvised.  Finnley was totally comfortable, our arms were good and she even fell asleep. *note that we made sure to put an extra carrier in all the cars*

Loves: my Dad was over last week to help me prep our fence line for the trees I got to plant for privacy and Finnley loves my Dad!!! It is just the sweetest thing.  Finnley got the biggest giggles the other day watching Ellie swing, so that might have to be a new past time for us girls. She love her blankets, or just about anything she can get in her mouth, it's still a tie between her fingers and toes! That girl!  She has also been really interested in my phone lately - mainly SnapChat (alifeonthefarm) and I don't blame her those filters get me every time.  And I think that Mama (myself) is her absolute favorite thing ever.

Of Note: she is sitting up!!! has used level 3 nipples, eats green beans, and is enjoying tummy time.  I have pretty much gotten rid of all the 0-3 month size clothes and am trying to figure out what clothes we already have of Ellie's that will fit her and is seasonally appropriate.  I have also been able to transfer the sleeping babe from Ergo to car seat and car seat to Ergo on several occasions and sometimes from one to the other and back again!!! 

Mama: I just want bottle up Finnley's sweetness right now.  I think we are on the cusp of teething and while I am anxious to get that over with I just want to soak up how much Finnley loves me.  I love just watching her and also Ellie and how they are interacting with each other more and more every day.  Being their Mama is simply the best and I wouldn't want to trade either of them for anything.  These two girls were meant to be my daughters and even though the road to motherhood was nothing short of challenges I am so blessed by these two!

Sister: Ellie is obsessed with Finnley and that is no understatement.  I have some friends who have brought home baby number 2 recently and have learned that this transition isn't always so easy.  So I have yet one more thing to applaud my sweet Ellie Faith for.  She really has just been a star and loves her sister so.  She wants Finnley to go with us everywhere, to include her in just about everything, tries to tend to her needs, begs for her to sleep in her bed nightly, and announced the other day that she just wants Finnley when we talked about having another brother or sister.  I think she thought that a new brother/sister would be replacing Finnley...oh how that little 3 year old brain works!!  I do want to say that even though Ellie is totally rocking it as a big sister and I am always singing her praises in this section of the update she did throw one of my halloween decorations (a crow with wires in the feet) at Finnley and made contact with her just when you thought I had the perfect child... ;)

♥ Ashley

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  1. She is so darn cute! They both are. I love that orange outfit. My baby is only 6 weeks so we're far from teething, but I completely get what you mean about wanting to bottle up her sweetness. I love snuggling with my sweet little baby all day.


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