Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 22

Holy cannoli we're at 22 weeks already? I can't believe that my sweet little is 5 months already. I have to say that this stage is so much better than even a month ago and I know from experience that it just keeps getting better and better. 

Week 22

Eats: girlfriend has tried some solids!! Totally doing a different approach this time around. She's has avocados, feta cheese, bananas, and the tiniest bite of mac'n'cheese. The only thing she really seemed interested in was the feta cheese. I'm thinking that applesauce will be a good next food - mostly because it's in my fridge ;) otherwise the babes been downing bottles of formula left and right. 

Sleeps: PTL we are finally back to napping. Some days are closed to 3.5 hours while others are closer to 2. She also takes a few cat naps a day either in the car seat, Ergo, or lounger. But her longer naps and nighttime sleep she is still swaddled and (gasp) still in our room!! I'm planning on working her out of the swaddle this week - at least one arm. 

Does: tummy time, exersaucer and bouncers. Finnley babe is getting more comfortable in these positions and can actually amuse herself for a bit of time, which is so nice...additionally she is working her tummy muscles during these which will hopefully lead to her sitting up on her own pretty soon.  Let me tell you that is a game changer and I am so looking forward to it.  I've been working on being on the floor with her to get her used to sitting up and she is still arching her back to flop backwards - so maybe she's not ready.  She is laughing more, smiles all the time and is gnawing on lots of things, so maybe she is starting to teethe??  

Goes: we visited a couple of preschools for Ellie (and chose one), went through the car wash, over to the Nanny house, and the dog park.  The babe has been a great addition to all of our excursions and is finally starting to be able to hang during our adventures. (car seat photos courtesy of Ellie Photography)

Loves: Baby Finnley is all about her activity mat, lounger, and we are using the Boppy for more than just feedings.  She also is loving just about anything she can get her mouth on: toys, hands, my fingers, my nose, and her toes are the favorite.

Of Note: we finally opened the size 2 diapers and they fit SO much better, I am not sure what took us so long.  Finnley's convertible car seat came in and she helped me get it all adjusted and went for her first ride in it today! Sweet girl hit the 5 month mark and my heart is overwhelmed with love for her.  She has the sweetest personality and I really cannot get over how much she loves me and how I have this ability to just calm doesn't get old!!  We also dropped big sis off at preschool and have had the opportunity to have some Mama/Finnley time.

Mama: my sweet girls are the highlight of my days.  I love getting to spend so much time with them, giving them time together to grow their friendship, and being there for them all throughout the day.  Having the ability to be home with Finnley every day has really allowed us to create a bond together and seriously it makes my heart so happy that I am her calming place.  We've gotten ourselves into a routine and it works so well for us!

Sister: these two are the sweetest girls I know and just watching them grow up together is the best thing.  Ellie has this ability to get Finnley to laugh at all her antics and Finnley is the expert at smiling (and getting Ellie to behave).  Ellie's adoration for her little sister still takes my breath away and I am so grateful to be raising such a kind and caring sister.  I know that Finnley is taking note of her sisters character because she is constantly trying to grab and hold Ellie's hand, whether we are at home or in the car!!

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