Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 21

This last week just flew by and here we are another Wednesday already. Which means our sweet Finnley is another week older.

Week 21

Eats: I have a confession, I've tried giving Finnley some solid foods, so far it's only been a couple of things: avocado and feta cheese. Finn seemed to like the feta cheese more. Other than that girlfriend is just eating formula, still around 24 ounces a day. 

Sleeps: so far this week we seemed to get her back on schedule with some longer naps. Girlfriend sure is particular when it comes to her sleeping environment, she likes it quiet and dark...much to my chagrin.  But I guess when you're a SAHM/WAHM you do what you gotta do to get those naps in. Thankfully she's still sleeping close to 10 hours at night...I'm really pulling for some 11-12 hour nights though, so if you want to send her the memo that would be great. 

Does: girlfriend is rocking it at tummy time and she can roll from tummy to her back and from her back to her side. We have also been working on building up her stomach muscles and practice sitting up...hopefully she'll get to that soon.

Goes: I took the babe to the children's museum with Ellie and my nanny kids, she loved just watching all the hustle and bustle with the kids. We also went out to dinner at one of our fave pizza places, took a visit to the State Fair, my dad came home from Jordan so we had a family dinner at a Mexican restaurant, and we loaded up the dogs for a trip to an off leash dog park (we loved it so much we went twice!)

Loves: her sister, fingers, toys, and blankets. She is a mamas girl and just loves to laugh and smile. She loves to be in the exersaucer (we finally picked it up from my brother, who was borrowing it) and just looking around at everything.  One thing that Finnley does NOT love is a bath and the lotion...maybe one day she will learn to like it.

Of Note: we are on our last few size 1 diapers and have a box of size 2, so I am thinking that those are probably going to fit a lot better.  Since the babe is so much bigger than Ellie was I am having to invest in some new clothes for her despite them being born in the same season.  So I took advantage of the Labor Day Sales and EBATES and got some great things for both of the girls wardrobes.  Additionally we got Finn a convertible carseat through Amazon since they were having an amazing deal and used both our Prime for free shipping and Ebates for cash back.  If you haven't heard of Ebates before it's the coolest thing for online shopping.  All you do is go to Ebates and sign up - it's totally free and then shop at all your favorite stores through the Ebates site and you'll get cash back on your purchases!! So not only did I get some killer deals shopping online this last week but I also got nearly $15 cash back from my purchases as well thanks to Ebates!  If you're not a member yet use my link here and I'll get a little bonus and you can get a $10 gift card too!!!

Mama: I love being a mama to two girls.  They both light up my life but Finnley's smile is everything right now!!  As school is starting back up I can't help but be reminded how happy I am that I have the opportunity to stay home with my girls and be present in their daily lives.  I am so grateful for this life!!

Sister: if you ask Ellie, Finnley is the best thing that has happened to our family.  Finnley receives 100's of kisses and hugs throughout the day along with nearly as many exclamations from Ellie saying "I love Finnley so much!".  It's seriously just the best.  I love that they have an affinity for each other and that I can nurture their relationship!!

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