Friday, November 4, 2016

Hello November - the month of being Thankful

Hello November! I know that October is such a wonderful month with the beginning of fall and all the pumpkins...but let's face it, November is equally if not more beautiful.  We are deep into all the fall colors and get to focus on being Thankful for all the things.

Sometimes I feel like Thanksgiving takes a back seat to Halloween and Christmas but it's just as nice.  I mean it's good food (and some traditional yuck) and when friends and family come together.  While we have never celebrated a "Friendsgiving" I think it is the most fabulous idea and hope that one year in the near future we will.

Okay enough of that let's talk about all things thankful, what we are looking forward to and what we are loving!


my girls are 100% the best and I am so thankful that I get to call them mine.  I mean how sweet are they?


Finnley and Ellie's first Halloween together.  We worked all day and then Thomas came and picked the girls up to take them to Uncle Tyler's house for dinner and trick or treating in the golf cart.  I followed about 30 minutes later once I got off work.  The girls had so much fun with their cousins.  We had chili and corn bread, opened Halloween gifts from Nanny and Papa, and loaded up the golf cart to hit up the houses in the neighborhood.  Ellie had a total blast and was running wild, refusing to accept the chocolate candy offered her, and was the cutest little Minnie Mouse Witch.  Finnley hung out in the Ergo with Thomas and just enjoyed being with us all.  After a walk around the neighborhood Finnley and I headed home to get her to bed and not too much long after Thomas and Ellie arrived home.  


I have had our Family Photo outfits picked out for well over a month and a half and have yet to schedule a session.  I am wearing this dress in maroon, Thomas is donning this shirt and the girls are going to be adorable Ellie in this top and Finnley wearing a skirt.  I am so looking forward to taking family pictures of the FOUR of us, I really need to get on scheduling them ;)


I was browsing zulily a few weeks ago and found the most adorable stockings for the girls.  I just couldn't help myself and I put them in my cart.  They arrived this week and I love them so much.  I mean how adorable are they?  They will look so great with our green stockings and I'm thinking that I am going to get them monogrammed!!! Eek, Christmas is coming up and I am so excited.


The new Gilmore Girls is coming up so I am giving myself a refresher on the series.  I can't believe how much happened in the first season!! I remember watching this show with my mom, she actually introduced me to it and I have such good memories sitting in our breakfast nook watching this show each week with her.  I love all the references to my high school days, the old cell phones, and Sookie is my spirit animal because we both have diagrams for how to load the dishwasher!!

Happy first Friday of November!!!

♥ Ashley


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♥ Ashley