Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 30

Y'all I should probably call this the weekly Thursday since I keep posting on Thursdays! It's been a rough couple of days but I'm turning the corner and keeping my eye on positivity!

Week 30

Eats: we're continuing on trying new foods.  Finnley has tried some eggs and a few different cheeses, pirates booty, and pumpkin pie and then the same other foods from previous weeks.  I really like using these spoons with her, since they're kinda like a spatula and help clean all the food of her face, and even though we use the Similac formula I try to introduce mostly organic solids to her.  The pouches are great but I also like to try some jars as well.  Her appetite changes each day but she is becoming quite the fan of 8oz bottles and they seem to do the trick.  I would say she eats about 26 ounces a day and then some solids and puffs.

Sleeps: the Finn is starting to get a nice little routine down that has been super helpful.  Of course each day has it's own obstacles, she generally wakes up around 6:00-6:30, takes a morning snooze around 9:30 (if she can it'll be about an hour otherwise she'll take another cat nap around 11) and then if all the cards are played right she goes down for her long nap around 1:00 which is perfect because that is Ellie's naptime too. Depending on how long her nap is she might have another little snooze before bedtime at 7:30.  When we're home she sleeps in her crib for her long nap and at night (occasionally her morning snooze too) and then her morning snooze is usually in her lounger. When we're nannying she takes her naps on a blanket in the other room.

Does: the Finnley babe is a sitting maniac, plays in her exersaucer for about 30 minutes, rolls all over the place and has become quite the laugher.  She is constantly putting her fingers in her mouth, kicks her legs like crazy, will sometimes assist in holding the bottle, and is babbling up a storm.  She has also started to turn herself around and can get herself from sitting to on her stomach - the cutest thing!

Goes: Finnley has been quite the little sidekick lately and I am in love with it.  Not only have we been going to work, but she has also been spending her Wednesdays with me checking out some stores and riding in the shopping cart and it makes my heart so happy.  She is rocking it in the car in her car seat and the ergo.

Of Note: as I mentioned above, she can get herself from sitting to her tummy, she smiles all the time, and got to be a part of her very first presidential election!

Mama: I'm not sure if this little lady could be any sweeter and she just melts my heart.  Sometimes her banshee screech can get to me but at the end of the day I forgot she even did it!! I had a rough week with the election.  I am not going to get all political on you but I never imagined that I would cry over an election.  I was a total mess on Wednesday and so disappointed but what really got me was listening to the radio and how classy Secretary Clinton was in her speech and her hopes for a successful term for Trump.  All we can do now is move forward and work together for a great country.

Sister: these two girls are so incredibly adorable.  The outtakes this week are everything.  Ellie is obsessed with Finnley and Finnley is obsessed with Ellie.  They make each other laugh, Ellie pulls Fifi around the house and they have started sharing toys - the sweetest!!  Just watching these two girls together gives me so much hope for their sisterhood in the future and I am so grateful that I get to know them.  These girls are strong, kind, and funny.  I love them so.

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