Monday, November 28, 2016

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 32

Yes, I am late posting once again...can I blame the holiday??  Hopefully I'll be able to get on track soon.  My sweet Finnley Ann is growing and progressing more and more everyday and I love where we are headed! 

Week 32

Eats: I am somewhat dumbfounded that she is already 32 weeks old but she has been eating up a storm!  We have tried all sorts of different jarred foods (something I wish we would have done with Ellie - hindsight am I right?) and with the exception of french fries Finn seems to like all sorts of foods.  One thing we're really working on is getting her to hold her own bottle - works about 25% of the time.  Additionally we have been giving our girl all sorts of big people food and she is all about it.

Sleeps: we are sort of getting our stellar napper back but she is getting to be on her own schedule which isn't quite meshing with Ellie's naptime.  It generally doesn't bother me when its just the three of us at home, but when we're working it makes me a bit anxious but such is life and I get over it.  We no longer need her room to be pitch black (all the praise hands), she sleeps well in the car seat, in her crib, on the floor, and we can make noise too!

Does: as mentioned before she is the sitting champ and is a rockstar in the shopping carts - she is so proud of herself.  The Finn is a roller and can scoot herself around on her tummy on our wood floors and is finding herself stuck under our coffee table.  I am unsure is the scooting is purposeful or is just happening as she tries to get up on all fours.  We are pretty close to crawling but not there quite yet...maybe next week?!!!

Loves: by George!!! we have another Dada fan!  It took some time for her to warm up to him but now he is getting all the smiles and seeing their relationship form and grow this week has been the best.  Finnley is in love with her sister, sitting up and all sorts of toys.  Especially Sophie, Sola, Oball, Doc McStuffins, and anything else she can get her fingers around and into her mouth!

Goes: we made a few trips out and about but our favorite stop was to Lowes.  We got some much needed items so that I could finish up our baseboard project (I'll share more on that later).  We also made a trip up north to celebrate my brother's twins first birthday with my family.  They all had a blast and watching two one year olds chow down on their "first" cake was the highlight of the week - I hope Finnley will follow suit.

Mama: we had a great week and I am more in love with my girls every day.  I am so excited that we are approaching Finnley's first holiday season and our upcoming trip to Disneyland.

Sister: these two girls are just the bees knees.  Ellie is still just as obsessed as ever and a great cheerleader for Finnley's progress, I think she wants her to crawl as badly as I do!  These two...seriously.

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