Thursday, May 18, 2017

Farmhouse Master Inspiration

 I'm not sure why but our Master Bedroom has always been at the bottom of my list.  Maybe because I haven't really been that inspired or figured since we had a matching bedroom set all I really needed were some nice linens.  That is SO NOT the case.  Turns out I stopped liking our furniture several years ago and just felt like the whole room was so dark.  For the past year (or maybe longer) I've been pinning ideas for a lighter and more Farmhouse inspired look.

Farmhouse Master 

I am so excited to get started on our room!!  We finally replaced the old carpet from 1989 with some wood laminate and it's all just spiraled from there.  We loved how much brighter the room was with a fresh coat of paint and our heavy furniture out of the way.  So we have decided to redecorate our Master!!

If you follow me on Instagram (@lifewithkidsblog) then you've seen some sneak peeks.  I already had some things for the room from when my mom passed away and I am so excited to get them out of the garage and to start incorporating them into our home!!

First lets start with the bedframe.  We got a king size of this bed and I love it.  It was relatively easy to put together and anchors our room while still keeping it light and airy.  I am also obsessed with the bedding (in white) I picked out and cannot wait for it to arrive.

I've been going back and forth with our dresser.  I was hoping to use a piece of furniture that belonged to my mom but its just not the right size for our our TV would be hanging from the ceiling!! So I decided to go with the Hemnes since they have it on sale right now (as long as it's still in stock in my store) I mean you can't beat a large dresser for under $200!   I also have some curtains from IKEA that continue with my white and light theme!

Our bed tables will not be matching.  Currently we have a black iron table (I had it in Ellie's nursery and then we moved it into our room) that used to be my moms and then I will be bringing in another wood and glass table (similar but much more vintage) that was also my moms for the other side.  Our lamps are similar to these, but were also my moms.  I'm sure you've spotted them in some of my previous posts. 

I also have this awesomely large mirror (similar) that my mom had hanging on the wall above the couch in our family room growing up.  It's been chilling in our garage for about a year now and I cannot wait to bring it in.  I just have to figure out a way to hang it so that it doesn't come crashing is heavy y'all. 

And then my most challenging thing is to find a rug.  I was thinking about another jute rug but I don't want that in our room.  I'm leaning more towards a vintage style rug and am hoping to find one that is green toned and won't break the bank...wish me luck!  But I might have to settle for something in the blue tones like this one.

Once all those major pieces are in place then I can work on the details. Like photos, frames, and little decor pieces.  I'm so excited!!

Where does decorating the Master Bedroom fall on your list??

♥ Ashley 

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